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Hai Ba Trung Street will be a busy pedestrian street at night

TTH.VN - In order to create a connection and to balance the nightlife and entertainment activities in Hue city and to form an attractive nightlife tourism product to serve locals and tourists, Hue will soon open a pedestrian street at Hai Ba Trung Street in Vinh Ninh Ward. Around this event, Thua Thien Hue Weekly had a talk with Mr. Tran Song, Vice Chairman of Hue City People's Committee.

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Mr. Tran Song, Vice Chairman of Hue City People's Committee

The project to embellish Hai Ba Trung Street has just been completed and put into use. It is expected to create a spacious and model street, which will help change the look of the city center. Can you tell us the goals of the project as well as the plans that the city will implement for this route?

The goal of the project is to form a pedestrian street combined with existing commercial areas and exploit people's commercial services to form a bustling street at night, meeting the entertainment needs at night of the residents and visitors. This is a new pedestrian street beside Hue Imperial Citadel Night Street and Chu Van An - Vo Thi Sau - Pham Ngu Lao Pedestrian Street.

The Hai Ba Trung route is home to many business and service establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, cinemas, etc. These are places that many locals and tourists come to enjoy at night in Hue, so this route is suitable for organizing night streets.

Currently, Hue City People's Committee is assigning functional units to build the Hai Ba Trung Pedestrian Street Project, which is expected to open at the end of March or early April to respond to the Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2023.

What is the orientation of the city in organizing the pedestrian street, as well as the plan for renting sidewalks out to do businesses to match the existing business activities, sir?

Currently, there are only night streets in the city that are held on weekends, so Hai Ba Trung Pedestrian Street is expected to be held every night from 18h00 to 2h00 the next day, with diverse services that are rich, high-class, and meet the needs of visitors at anytime and anywhere, and at the same time contribute to promoting the tourism industry to become a spearhead economic sector of the province and city. 


Soon, Hai Ba Trung Street will become a pedestrian street serving locals and visitors

In particular, the city allows tenants to use the entire sidewalk in front of their business during the operation of the pedestrian street to organize more suitable service businesses, serving tourists, to create a vibrant, bustling, and attractive atmosphere for the whole street.

If people do not have a need for sidewalk business, the city will assign relevant units to propose exploitation and use in accordance with the space of the night street.

Hue has quite a few night streets and pedestrian streets. To make a difference between the streets, can you tell us the plan to organize fun, entertainment, cultural, and artistic activities as well as business activities and arrange toilets on Hai Ba Trung Street?

To make a difference between the streets in the area, Hue City has developed a plan to organize fun, entertaining, cultural, and artistic activities on Hai Ba Trung Pedestrian Street. In particular, the layout of the stage and the space to organize big annual events such as Countdown, music performances, art performances, etc., will be in many locations, including the space before the VNPT building area, the street space in the area of the CineStar building, and street space in Ngo Quyen Park.

In addition, there will be mobile cultural and artistic street activities that will be organized throughout the night space. Street art and cultural activities ensure novelty and attractiveness to attract tourists.

After the pedestrian street is put into operation, the city will organize community-based commercial activities, such as displaying and selling handicraft products, specialties, and three-region cuisine by mobile vehicles, of which priority is given to displaying and selling Hue specialties.

Vehicles participating in the exhibition space and selling products must ensure aesthetics and novelty to attract customers. In addition, it must be synchronized, easily assembled, or moved to return the roadbed and sidewalk to the original condition at the end of the night street operation time.

At the same time, a space of Hue cuisine, three-region cuisine including local village cuisine will be set up, where Hue and three-region culinary artists will gather to perform and serve traditional cuisine every night for visitors. To ensure environmental sanitation and urban beauty, the city will arrange public toilets with modern designs and suitable for the street space.

What are your expectations about Hai Ba Trung Pedestrian Street?

When Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street comes into operation, it will be an attractive destination to meet the needs of entertainment, shopping, community cultural activities and discovering local cuisine for tourists and locals; contributing to promoting the rapid development of service and commercial activities in the city, especially adding attractive night tourism products in the area.

The formation of Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street will create conditions for the production of handicrafts and Hue specialties to access the tourist market and help businesses on the Hai Ba Trung routes and the surrounding areas expand business and service development, thereby creating economic benefits for the residential community, and jobs for people in the city.

Thank you so much!

By Thanh Huong
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