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Some 1,500 job vacancies are available at the "September, the Autumn of Recruitment"

TTH.VN - In order to promote the connection of labor supply and demand in the province, the Provincial Employment Service Center is set to organize a Job Transaction Month with the theme of "September, the Autumn of Recruitment". The event will take place from September 5 to October 5, in both in-person and online forms.

Hue University’s flexibility in training programs associated with enterprises’ needsCreating the best conditions for people returning from pandemic areas to have jobs

 Workers and recruitment agencies connected and exchanged information at the Provincial Job Fair

During the job transaction month of "September, the Autumn of Recruitment" in 2023, more than 30 units will participate and provide 1,500 available job vacancies, both inside and outside the province and abroad, to be recruited.

This is a very practical program, with the aims to create jobs for idle laborers, policy-affected workers, disadvantaged workers, the youth, as well as fresh graduates who have not had jobs or have jobs with low income, and not stable yet; at the same time facilitating workers, who lost their jobs, to find new ones to increase their incomes and stabilize their lives.

This job transaction month looks to provide extensive information throughout the province and connect with other provinces, especially units in industrial parks with a large number of laborers so that they could access the information and apply for jobs.

In addition to providing information on the labor market, this is also an opportunity to strengthen measures to support workers and students during their job search process; at the same time, creating favorable conditions for units, enterprises and vocational education institutions to promote the enrollment, vocational training and labor recruitment.

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The return of storks

“People love storks, storks come. Storks love people, they come back”, I read it when watching animated footages of hundreds, even thousands of storks chirping to call each other to fly back to the good land. Storks like friends.

The return of storks
Gentle Autumn in Hue

Hue is well-known for two seasons: a season of dazzling sunshine and a melancholy raining season. Not many people notice that there is also a sweet and romantic Autumn in Hue.

Gentle Autumn in Hue
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To bring radiant colors of autumn into your home, you do not need to pay too much and be fussy, as it just requires a little subtlety, small changes in decorative accessories, or the addition of green plants, in-season flowers and fruits.

Bringing the “breath” of autumn into living spaces
Gorgeous sunset in Chuon Lagoon

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Gorgeous sunset in Chuon Lagoon
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