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Autumn Festival - Various attractive programs in the framework of Hue Festival 2023

TTH.VN - On June 29, Hue Festival Center informed that the Autumn Festival with the theme “Hue in Autumn”, a festival in the framework of Hue Festival 2023, will take place from July to September with many attractive programs and activities.

Opening of the Hue Lotus Festival 2023 – Lotus Beautifies HueDiscover the royal cuisine of Hue from Hue LotusHue Lotus Festival 2023 to be held from June 23 to 25Meeting with the woman who makes silk from lotus fibersThe place where Southeast Asian kite arts meet and exchange

Hue Community Ao dai Week is one of the highlights of the Autumn Festival – Hue Festival 2023 

The highlight of the Autumn Festival is the Ao dai Festival which is associated with Hue Community Ao dai Week, combining with the activities of Mid-Autumn Festival such as lantern festival, Unicorn dance Festival, and exhibition activity, installation activity, lantern parade, and Unicorn dance parade, etc.

According to the organizing committee of Hue Festival 2023, from July to September, there will be around 18 main programs and activities and 23 response activities.

In the next July, many remarkable programs and activities will take place, including the Ceremony of gratitude to Martial Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat and Ao dai parade; Hue Singing Arts Festival, Hue Community Ao Dai Week 2023; Ao dai Festival, the “Old Scent of the Ancient Village” Festival; and the Festival of Science.

Meanwhile, the response activities taking place in July, 2023 include the ceremony at Am Hon Esplanade; Bat Trang Ceramic Art Space; exhibition of the administrative dossiers of the Nguyen Dynasty; exhibition on Vietnam Rivers and Mountains on the Nine Urns, travel photography competition “Enjoy the Summer”, Autumn art exhibition; exhibition “Sketching the heritage of Hue Ancient Capital 2023”, and other activities of composing, experiencing, displaying and performing ao dai, etc.

By Huu Phuc
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Hue Festival 2023
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The Autumn and Winter Festivals within the framework of Hue Festival 2023 will focus on creating diversity and distinctiveness for several main programs. The programs and activities will be evenly distributed from now until the end of December 2023, aligned with the characteristics of each season and the weather elements of the Ancient Capital.

Fascinating with Autumn and Winter Festivals
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Ghost Crab Chase
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