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The reunion of the leading silk houses in Vietnam

TTH.VN - Taking place from April 26 to May 1 at Hue Craft Village Cultural Center in the framework of Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2019, Silk & Ao Dai space introduces 10 brands of domestic ao dai designers, along with ao dai exhibition activities.

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The space introduces Hue traditional silk weaving and ao dai tailoring.

Member chairman of Vietnam Silk House, Mr. Huynh Tan Phuoc introduced hats and blankets woven from natural silks

Appearing for the first time at Hue Traditional Craft Festival, the Silk & Ao Dai space has brought to local people and visitors a new and colorful experience with the meeting of the leading silk houses in Vietnam, such as: Vietnam Silk House, Nhat Minh Silk, Ha Bao, Viet Silk, Minh Tuyet ... coming from Bao Loc City (Lam Dong) and woven silk and tussore products of Nam Cao (Thai Binh), Thai Nam Silk (Ha Nam).

Member chairman of Vietnam Silk House, Mr. Huynh Tan Phuoc said that for a long time, most of the products manufactured by the company have been exported to many countries and sold in big cities, such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and Lam Dong. However, Hue people have not had access to traditional silk products. So, in participating in the Traditional Craft Festival 2019, we want to introduce to the local people and visitors the whole process of weaving silk to offer people the chance to understand and feel the uniqueness of this product. We also want to open a store to display products in Hue to promote the Silk House brand.

Visitors listen intently to the introduction of the silk weaving process

Mr. Phuoc said that for a long time, visitors only heard about silk but did not know about the silk weaving procedures. This time, the company has not only brought thousands of meters of silk fabric and products designed from silk, such as ao dai, scarves, hats, bags, blankets, but has also brought modern silk weaving equipment and demonstrate the procedures to tourists. Through this space, visitors can feel the soft coolness of traditional Vietnamese silk fabrics and limit the use of fake products on the market.

Entering the space of Silk & Ao Dai, tourists are lost in the world of silk, with hundreds of ao dai and the stages of painting, embroidery and quick tailoring. Here, visitors can choose for themselves a traditional ao dai made from silk or tussore. They can also try on dresses and tops with elaborate designs on silk materials from Lam Dong, Ha Nam, Thai Binh…

Doan Trang Ao Dai (Hue) with the fast ao dai tailoring service

Along with the leading silk houses in Vietnam, in the space of Silk & Ao Dai, there are also booths for displaying products and fast ao dai tailoring service from Doan Trang Embroidery Garment Private Enterprise. Here, visitors can refer to Hue traditional ao dai and use the fast ao dai tailoring service. "Participating in the exhibition at Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2019, the purpose of the enterprise is to promote the image of traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai and Hue Ao Dai to domestic and foreign tourists. Hue is not only a festival city, but it is also a city of ao dai with the fast ao dai tailoring service and designing ao dai on traditional materials,” Director Doan Trang shared.

Ms. Thu Ha, a visitor from Quang Ninh City, said that she has been wearing silk dresses for a long time but has not paid attention to the origin and the process of making these products. Today, she firsthand witnesses the new process of silk weaving, flower printing and dyeing and really understands and loves Vietnamese traditional silk products.

Story and photos: Thanh Huong

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Spreading the image of ao dai through socialization

After more than four years of implementation, the project “Hue – The Capital of Ao Dai Vietnam” has more or less received the attention and positive response of the public through many activities and events. Besides, there have been policies that create favourable conditions for businesses operating in the tailoring industry, as well as encourage people to wear ao dai on important occasions and events, which has popularised the image of ao dai.

Spreading the image of ao dai through socialization
The Ao dai in Hue life

Throughout the S-shaped strip of the land of Vietnam, Ao dai can be found in every region. Specifically, in Hue, Ao dai has become a part of the cultural identity and unique beauty of the people here. An important milestone in Hue Ao dai costume was in 1744, after Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat ascended the throne in Phu Xuan, he promulgated many policies and mentioned the modification of costumes. Thereafter, during the Nguyen Dynasty, the court issued an order, creating an opportunity for Hue women in particular and Vietnamese women in general to wear Ao dai regularly. Accordingly, the tradition of wearing Ao dai gradually entered the daily life of people.

The Ao dai in Hue life
Students design 12 zodiac animal stamps on the Ao dai

On the afternoon of June 26, High School for Gifted Students of the University of Sciences, Hue University held an awarding ceremony for the contest “Designing 12 zodiac animal stamps on the Ao dai in 2024”. The contest aims to respond to the Ao dai Week 2024 activity, and, at the same time, create opportunities for members of the school's stamp club to learn about the traditional 12 zodiac animal stamps.

Students design 12 zodiac animal stamps on the Ao dai
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