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Thua Thien Hue Seaport:

Towards regional connection

TTH.VN - With two Chan May and Thuan An quay areas partially invested and in operation, and Phong Dien Seaport calling for investment, the seaport system in Thua Thien Hue aims to reach out and make regional connections.

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Invested Chan May Port will increase cargo transport capacity 

Great potential, many challenges

To date, Chan May quay area has been invested to build and put into operation 3 quays, receiving cargo ships with a tonnage of 70,000 DWT and large international cruisers of 225,000 GT, with a cargo clearance capacity of 5-6 million tons/year.

The infrastructure and services for seaport exploitation were also invested in a synchronous and modern direction; specifically, the port's main axis route and breakwater (phase 2) were invested. Chan May Port ensures the conditions and capacity to simultaneously receive large and modern cargo ships, container ships, and passenger ships worldwide.

At many seminars, economic expert Tran Dinh Thien, a member of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Group, and former Director of the Vietnam Economic Institute, said that Chan May quay area has a strategic construction location, highly favorable for developing into an important maritime hub port in the region, with easy access to National Highway 1A, located between Phu Bai and Da Nang international airports. This area has a lot of potential and strengths, lies between the two big cities of Central Vietnam (Da Nang and Hue), and is a focal point on international and inter-regional exchange route: the North-South and East-West axis route of Central Vietnam; the gateway to the sea in the East-West economic corridor connecting Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos.

The potential of Chan May quay area is undeniable, but the advantage is doubled when the total land area for industrial zone development according to the plans approved by the competent agency is 5,573.47 ha, which will create a source of goods to and from seaports, with a key role of Chan May.

Currently, many localities and countries are boosting the development of logistics into a service industry that brings high-added value, in association with the development of goods production, the development promotion of transportation infrastructure, and information technology... Notably, seaports are seen as a vital supply factor in the logistics service chain.

 The investment and expansion of quays will contribute to the fulfillment of Chan May Port infrastructure

Aware of that, aside from Chan May area, for years, the province has focused on investing in Thuan An Quay with 150m-long 5 gangways, capable of receiving 1,000-ton ships. Many coastal urban areas were planned such as Dien Loc, Thuan An, Vinh Thanh, Vinh Hien, Chan May, Lang Co...

Great potential notwithstanding, identifying challenges,  Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong said, Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone and Thuan An Port have been invested in construction for a long time, but some sub-zones called for investment late. Thuan An Port is located in Tam Giang - Cau Hai area while this area has a lot of socio-economic activities. The dredging of the creeks also faces certain difficulties and obstacles. Fishery activities such as fishing and rafting also impact the creeks and shipment traffic.

Regarding infrastructure and equipment for logistics, Mr. Phuong said that the warehouse system has not been built to meet the needs, causing the logistics development strategy to be limited, increasing costs and reducing competitiveness. The provincial transport businesses are not strong enough to invest in large tonnage means of transport by road and waterway. Many units join the logistics supply chain, but they are small, fragmented, and unconnected, especially in the transport sector. The source of business goods is not diverse and unstable.

“The industrial zones in the province have been in the investment stage, not yet filled. The information connection system between the warehousing business and the customs agency has not been synchronously developed. Human resources in the logistics service industry in the province have been limited and have not met the requirements and tasks, " said Mr. Phuong.

Chan May quay area is the hub for connection and development

The master plan for Vietnam seaport system development in 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2050 approved by the Prime Minister, shows that Thua Thien Hue seaport is in the group of seaports No. 2 including other seaports such as Thanh Hoa seaport, Nghe An seaport, Ha Tinh seaport, Quang Binh seaport, Quang Tri seaport.

Accordingly, the plan calculated the development of regional connections, including the connection coordination between seaports. In addition, the National Master Plan for 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2050 approved by the National Assembly determined to develop the national regions of growth dynamics and poles, including the orientation for the formation and development of Central Vietnam dynamic region including the coastal areas of the centrally-run provinces and cities: Thua Thien Hue, Da Nang, Quang Nam, and Quang Ngai with  the growth pole of Da Nang City

In the post-2030 period, the scope of the dynamic region continues to be expanded. The coastal urban system, the centers of marine tourism and eco-tourism of regional and international stature continue to be formed and developed. The seaports and seaport services, infrastructure, and fishery logistics service centers will be developed.

In addition, the Project for developing marine economy link cluster associated with developing strong marine economic centers in the period to 2030, clearly stated the role of each locality, type of goods and services passing the port to ensure the linkage of seaport development for each region such as the link cluster in Central Central Vietnam (in the sea and coastal areas: Quang Tri - Thua Thien Hue - Quang Thien Hue - Thua Nang - Hue). This link is associated with building a strong marine economic center of leading international stature in Southeast Asia.

Forming the international seaport urban zones, science and technology zones; training technical human resources in marine economy, commercial zones, and international financial transaction centers in Da Nang City - Hue City - Chan May Economic Zone.

With that orientation, the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial People's Council, and Provincial People's Committee issued the programs and plans for developing the seaport system. Typically, the Provincial People's Council issued Resolution No. 1/2022/NQ-HDND stipulating a number of policies to support investment in the province; the Provincial People's Council passed Resolution No. 18, Resolution No. 25 stipulating the policies to support shipping companies in opening container shipping routes as well as units and businesses with goods transported by containers to/from Chan May Port, piloted from October 2022 to late 2023.

The first events such as Chan May Port, which welcomed an international container ship or welcomed the first Hai An View container ship opening the Hai Phong - Chan May - Ho Chi Minh container transport service route,  contributed to boosting the development of logistics service, connecting Chan May Seaport with domestic and international ports.

In the current seaport system, Chan May Port plays a central role; this is a class I seaport according to the Government's plan. Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong said that the province will maximize the efficiency of exploiting the ports invested with a focus on exploiting container cargo. Concurrently, it steps up the implementation of investment projects for building quays  No. 4 and No. 5 of Chan May Port to put them into operation; calls for and develops investment in new construction of quays No. 6, 7, 8, tourist wharf and western wharves, contributing to the fulfillment of seaport infrastructure.

Story and photos: Le Tho


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