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Buddha procession from Dieu De Pagoda to Tu Dam Pagoda

TTH.VN - On the late afternoon of May 21 (the 14th day of the 4th month in Lunar Calendar), the Provincial Executive Board of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and the Vesak 2568 Organization Board held the Buddha procession ceremony from Dieu De Pagoda to Tu Dam Pagoda.

Flower boat parade to celebrate Vesak DayOpening of Buddhist cultural exhibition

 Performing the Buddha procession ceremony

Despite the heavy rain, a large number of monks and nuns, as well as Buddhists, gathered at Dieu De Pagoda in Gia Hoi Ward to participate in the Buddha procession. This is an important ceremony during the Vesak. Before the Buddha procession, the Provincial Executive Board of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha held the moc duc ceremony (Buddha bathing ceremony). The moc duc ceremony is a traditional ritual that has been held continuously since 1957.

 The ceremony took place in the rain

According to the itinerary, the Buddha procession started from Dieu De Pagoda, and went through Bach Dang Street, Tran Hung Dao Street, Truong Tien Bridge, and then Le Loi Street, and Dien Bien Phu Street, finally stopped at Tu Dam Pagoda. The procession route is about 4 km long.

 Monks, nuns, Buddhists and locals participated in the Buddha procession

Leading the Buddha procession were three monks carrying two vases of lotus flowers and incense sticks, followed by a group of Buddhists carrying the national flag, the Buddhist flag, and thousands of monks, nuns, and Buddhists holding flower lanterns.

The Buddha procession has long been a sacred ceremony, imbued with deep cultural and spiritual significance, an indispensable part of every Vesak celebration for the people of Hue.

By Thao Vy
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Magical masterpiece "Long van khe hoi"

The painting "Long van khe hoi" (Nine dragons in the clouds) is a masterpiece on the ceiling of the old main hall of Dieu De Pagoda, which has been moved around 20 meters backward, and is currently being well preserved to the surprise of many. The painting used to be a topic of heated debate for many years regarding whether to keep in the old main hall or to dismantle it. Dismantling it also meant erasing this masterpiece.

Magical masterpiece Long van khe hoi
Colorful lanterns to celebrate Vesak 2567

These days, pagodas in Hue are busy decorating and preparing for celebrating Vesak 2567, while some households engaged in making lanterns on Chi Lang Street are racing against time for delivery.

Colorful lanterns to celebrate Vesak 2567
People going to pagodas to worship Buddha in beautiful weather

On the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year of the Cat 2023, the sunny and cool weather was very convenient for locals and visitors to go to pagodas to worship Buddha and pray for peace, good luck, and happiness for the New Year.

People going to pagodas to worship Buddha in beautiful weather
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