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“Colors of Hue in spring”

TTH.VN - Continuing the series of activities within the framework of Hue Poetry Festival 2023, on the evening of February 6, the Union of Literature and Arts Associations organized a poetry night with the theme "Colors of Hue in spring".

Poetry night honoring the Huong RiverHue as seen through lens of sketching and poetry

The poetry night is a playground for poetry associations and poetry clubs

The poetry night is a playground for poetry associations and poetry clubs in the province, namely Huong Giang Poetry Association, Xu Hue Poetry Association, Song Bo Poetry Club, Tam Giang Poetry Club, and Huong Xuan Poetry Club.

The spring comes with bustling and fragrant atmosphere, making poets yearn to be immersed in shy smile and eyes of the spring. That emotion was even more intense when they waited for Nguyen Tieu (the night of the fifteenth of the first lunar month) to come. All these emotions were conveyed through poems by the poets.

During the poetry night, members of poetry associations and poetry clubs recited their beautiful poems about spring, about Nguyen Tieu, as well as scenery of the Ancient Capital in the spring weather.

The poems, including "Tro nhanh xuan hong" (a poem by Linh Trai), "Anh co hay xuan ve" (a poem by Lam Vu Nhi), "Nhung mua xuan" (a poem by Kim Dong), "Nang am mua xuan" (a poem by Ngan Ha), and "Song hat loi mua xuan" (a poem by Ky Hai), etc., evoked in the listener's mind beautiful pictures of nature, overflowing with fresh emotions to look forward to a beautiful and peaceful new year.

By Trang Hien


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Spring outings at the museums

Besides the lively and beautifully decorated spring outing places, in recent years, one of the destinations on the days of Tet that many people have chosen to visit is the museum. Therefore, museums also open during Tet to serve the public’s demand of enjoying arts.

Spring outings at the museums
Spring comes to the highlands

The mountainous area in the Northeast of Ha Giang in the early days of the spring is brilliant with flowers.

Spring comes to the highlands
Brilliant Dragon Spring Festival

Alongside the significant programs and activities that have been taking place in the city to create a joyful and bustling atmosphere to welcome the Lunar New Year of Dragon, Hue City focuses on embellishing the streets to celebrate Tet (Lunar New Year), with the highlight of the 2024 Spring Festival stretching from the south bank of the Perfume River to parks and green spots in the city.

Brilliant Dragon Spring Festival
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