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Dances and excerpts of Vietnamese classical drama Tuồng restored

TTH.VN - Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hue Royal Traditional Art Theater has not been able to organize any public performances. Instead, the theater is now focusing on researching and reconstructing royal dances and excerpts from ancient Tuồng (also known as Vietnamese classical drama).

Keeping Hue tuongTuong Hue: echo from the past

Currently, the dance "Thanh Trà Pomelo offering" based on the ancient dance "Thanh Hoa chi" and some excerpts from ancient Tuồng, such as "Võ Tam Tư beheads the fox demon", "Evil hides in good" was also successfully put on by the theater.

It is expected that these dances and tuồng excerpts will be performed in the art programs of the Hue Royal Traditional Art Theater to serve the audience in the coming time.

By Minh Hien

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Performing recitation of Zen poetry

"Thien thi may doa" (Blossoms of Zen Poetry) was a performance of Zen poetry recitation taking place at Duyet Thi Duong Theater on the evening of March 26. This was an activity within the framework of Vietnamese Zen poetry week jointly organized by Lieu Quan Buddhist Cultural Center, Hue Monuments Conservation Center and Tam Viet cultural research group.

Performing recitation of Zen poetry
Acceptance of research study "Building a database on Tuồng Hue art"

On the afternoon of October 6, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology held a conference to accept the results of the provincial-level scientific technological research study entitled "Building a database on Tuồng Hue art", which is carried out by Hue Monuments Conservation Center.

Acceptance of research study Building a database on Tuồng Hue art
Performing Tuồng on the street for the first time

Within the framework of Hue Festival 2022, on the morning of June 28, Hue Monuments Conservation Center organized a show to promote the tuồng with the theme "Echoes of Thousands of Ancient Years".

Performing Tuồng on the street for the first time
Awaiting the stage lighting up

Some artists continue to practice their performances; some spend time doing exercises and reading books; and others sell goods online or manage to work to generate income and have more fun...

Awaiting the stage lighting up
Back to the roots

Ngọc Khanh Tuồng Singing Art Troupe was formed in 1990 under the name of Traditional Theater Experience Club as part of Ho Chi Minh City Theater. On the 30th founding anniversary, the troupe returned to Hue city to pay tribute to the founders of the Tuồng art and held 2-night performance on July 23 and 24 at Thanh Bình Ancestral Worship Hall – on Alley 281, Chi Lăng St., Hue city.

Back to the roots
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