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Dignified Buddha bathing and procession ceremony

TTH.VN - A large number of monks, nuns, Buddhists and tourists attended the Buddha procession from Dieu De Pagoda (Bach Dang Street) to Tu Dam Pagoda (Su Lieu Quan Street, Hue City) on the afternoon of June 1 (April 14 of the Lunar calendar).

Visiting Hue on Vesak dayColorful lanterns to celebrate Vesak 2567Seven lotus lanterns launched onto the Huong River to celebrate Buddha's birthday

 The Buddha bathing ritual is performed before the procession from the Dieu De Pagoda to Tu Dam Pagoda

The ceremony is part of the program of Vesak 2567, organized by the Provincial Executive Board of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha.

Before carrying out the Buddha procession ceremony, the Executive Board of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha held the Buddha bathing ceremony at Dieu De Pagoda.

After performing the Buddha bathing ritual, the Buddha procession was carried out on a beautifully decorated flower cars, departing from Dieu De Pagoda, moving through many streets, towards Tu Dam Pagoda.

Every place the procession passed through, it attracted the welcoming and prayers of many local people.

Photos captured at the Buddha bathing and procession ceremony:

 The bathing and procession ceremony of the Buddha began at Dieu De Pagoda with the participation of a large number of monks, nuns, and Buddhists
 The Buddha procession preparing to get on flower cars to go to Tu Dam Pagoda
 Female Buddhists with fresh flower baskets
 Peace of mind during the procession
 The convoy of flowers carrying the Buddha moving across Truong Tien Bridge
 People and tourists following the flower cars
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Solemn "Dang Tien Huong Xuan" procession

This activity has just been organized by the Organizing Committee of the “Tet Hue” program in collaboration with Hue Monuments Conservation Center on February 4.

Solemn Dang Tien Huong Xuan procession
Gratitude ceremony to Martial Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat held

On the morning of July 7, Hue Monuments Conservation Center coordinated with the Provincial Department of Culture and Sports to organize an incense and flower offering ceremony, and a procession of gratitude to the ancestor on the occasion of the death anniversary of Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat, the person who laid the foundation of Ao dai Vietnam. This is one of the activities responding to Hue Festival 2023, and within the framework of the Autumn Festival’s activities.

Gratitude ceremony to Martial Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat held
Spreading the values of Hue lotus

I happened to come across a Facebook post of a friend currently living in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It read, “seeing seven blooming pink lotus flowers celebrating Vesak on Nhan Co Lake reminds me so much of my hometown - Hue, where Ngu Mountain and the Perfume River reside.”

Spreading the values of Hue lotus
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