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Feelings and nostalgia at the farewell night

TTH.VN - After 6 days and nights together in beautiful Hue City, together to contribute to attractive art programs to serve the audience and the public, the farewell gala night, full of emotion and nostalgia, was held on the evening of June 30 at Da Vien Islet stage.

Hue Festival: A special festival, with unforgettable experiencesConverging and spreading

Da Vien Islet where the farewell gala night took place. Photo: Dinh Hoang

The time to say farewell

Unlike previous periods with the closing art program, that of this year is the farewell gala night "Goodbye Hue!" organized into a music and arts festival, with an open and interactive stage. The gala night is a goodbye and thanks to friends near and far who have come to the land of the ancient capital, living together in the fullest moments, and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of this summer's Hue Festival.

Speaking at the farewell gala night, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Organizing Committee of Hue Festival 2022 – Nguyen Thanh Binh said: "During the past few days, we have all lived in the festive atmosphere which is filled with unique art and cultural programs, affirming and honoring the cultural values of Vietnam and other countries around the world. The activities were a delicate combination of tradition and modernity; a resonance between the performances of the artists along with the enthusiastic and enthusiastic cheers of the people and visitors. All created a colorful and vibrant picture, contributing to making the ancient capital become more beautiful and more alive.

"The gala night does not mean the end, but a "goodbye" to the summer festival week and a "welcome" to the next autumn festival, expressing the spirit of four-season festival of Hue Festival 2022," said Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh.

The gala show gathering art troupes performing at Hue Festival 2022

The atmosphere of the gala night was stirred up with familiar hits such as "Youth", "Youth Song", and "One House". After the gala night, the Da LAB band with 4 members sent their thanks to the entire audience who supported the band during their performances in Hue. The band also did not forget to thank all the members who made the festival and promised to return to Hue in the near future.

Also participating in the performance on the farewell night, a representative of the art troupe from Russia shared that they enjoyed the performance when all the bands together had a chance to sing and dance - a very wonderful atmosphere.

"Our music and dance troupe first came to Vietnam and first came to Hue, a city with very interesting historical value. We were happy to walk around the city, the locals with friendly smiles, and always waved when meeting us," said the leader of the Russian folk music and dance troupe.

Programs attracting customers

After 6 days and nights, the whole city of Hue and the whole province of Thua Thien Hue were excited by the festive atmosphere, Hue Festival Week 2022 (June 25 - June 30) with many unique, impressive and diverse art forms and cultural colors has created a new look and vitality for the ancient capital.

The locals and visitors have had the opportunity to enjoy the lively interference between tradition and modernity, experience the fascinating cultural and artistic colors of Hue, Vietnam and other countries around the world, and immerse themselves in the beauty of the ancient capital which is rich in traditional identity, but still shines with the vitality of a green, environmentally friendly and sustainable city.

According to statistics from the Organizing Committee of Hue Festival 2022, the week has had a series of 8 main programs, 34 colorful typical art performances, and more than 30 activities of response, companionship, display, and exhibition took place continuously for 6 days and nights at 11 stages in Thua Thien Hue province. 

A large number of people and tourists come to the farewell gala night

Many main programs and festivals have attracted tens of thousands of audiences such as the Opening Arts Program (about 10,000 audiences); Street Festival “Colors of Culture” (approximately 12,000 audiences), Beer Festival (approximately 9,000 audiences); Performances of domestic and international art troupes (approximately 25,000 audiences); Trinh Cong Son Music Program (about 6,000 audiences); Program "Royal Harmony" (about 3,000 audiences); Goodbye Hue - Farewell Gala Night (nearly 8,000 audiences).

Besides, the response activities at Hue Festival attracted a large number of visitors: Hue Community Ao Dai Festival 2022 (about 8,000 people); Culinary Festival "Hue Culinary Capital with three regions" (45,000 people); Culinary Festival “100 street foods” (about 30,000 people); Hot Air Balloon Festival "Hue Ancient Capital seen from the sky", with thousands of spectators, including 1,600 visitors flying hanging, 75 visitors flying freely; "Country’s fair in the festival" (Cho que ngay hoi) has about 170,000 people; Trade Fair Hue Festival 2022 with over 70,000 people; EDM music night has 1,500 participants.

Statistics from the Department of Tourism during the period from June 23 to 30 revealed that the total number of visitors to Thua Thien Hue is estimated at 180,000; and revenue from tourism services, 155 billion. Staying guest is estimated at 72,000 (including nearly 2,200 international guests), and the average hotel room capacity reaches 85% (only on June 24 and 25, the hotel room capacity is over 93%).

The richness and diversity of communication channels have brought festival activities and art programs to domestic and international audiences, thereby giving visitors the opportunity to fully and deeply feel the comprehensive content and value of festivals and art programs, as well as attracting the public to Hue Festival directly and indirectly, regardless of geographical location.

More than 500 reporters from 94 press agencies, domestic media units and dozens of foreign agencies and press reporters attended and reported on Hue Festival week. The number of news and articles about Hue Festival 2022 published and quoted is 1,643 times, of which more than 790 articles are from press agencies.

Story: Duc Quang - Minh Quan

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