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Branding and heritage records for Hue cuisine discussed

TTH.VN - Within the framework of Hue Festival 2018, an international scientific workshop on Hue royal and folk cuisine has raised the issues of promoting the values and turning the advantages of Hue cuisine into its strength to develop tourism and services.

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Researcher Nguyen Dac Xuan proposes the establishment of a Culinary Museum

The workshop attracted the participation of local and international researchers and culinary experts. Mr. Nguyen Dung, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Hue Festival 2018 Organization Board attended the workshop.

In his opening speech of the workshop, Mr. Le Tan, Vice Chairman, General Secretary of Vietnam Cuisine Culture Association, Director of Phu Dat Gia Co., Ltd., Head of the Workshop Organizing Board said: "The workshop signals that Hue royal and folk cuisine is so precious that it needs promoting and, with joint efforts, bringing to the world. It is also necessary to exploit the precious cuisine treasures held by artisans alive.”

According to Dr. Tran Dinh Hang, Director of the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Art Studies in Hue, an urgent issue was to digitize Hue culinary cultural heritage.

"Until now, we have still lacked a review of complete, detailed and updated studies of Hue culinary culture, that can be served as heritage records and materials for the requirement of training and conservation," said Dr. Hang.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism said that the Department of Tourism was building a media plan of "Hue - The capital of Vietnamese cuisine, an amazing enjoyment," in order to promote the strength of cultural culinary tourism in Thua Thien Hue in the period of 2018-2020. Food communication will be chosen to promote tourism development, as the images and culture of a country and a locality can be introduced swiftly via cuisine. Many delegates said that in order to preserve and promote the values of Vietnamese culinary culture, including Hue cuisine, a Culinary Museum should be established.

At the workshop, international experts also shared their experience of promoting the culinary values. "Indonesia does not have as many traditional food restaurants as Vietnam, which are located in many countries around the world. So we choose to promote the recipes of Indonesian cuisine to international students, which is very important to bring our traditional cuisine to the world," said Indonesian culinary expert William Wongs.

On this occasion, six units have agreed to cooperate in developing Hue cuisine. They include Hue Tourism College, Phu Dat Gia Co., Ltd., Seafood World Company, Lac Viet Computing Corporation, Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company and KI Company.

Story and photo: Minh Hien






Taking advantage of Chatbot to promote Hue cuisine

With the desire that tourists can access information and experience Hue cuisine in a visual manner, at the same time providing support and suggestions according to each tourist’s demand and hobby through artificial intelligence tools, students from the Diplomatic Academy have launched a project called “A Food in Hue” with numerous activities to spread Hue cuisine to domestic and international tourists.

Taking advantage of Chatbot to promote Hue cuisine
3D digitization of Hue cuisine

Thua Thien Hue boasts nearly 1,300 culinary dishes, ranging from royal delicacies to everyday local food. To preserve these characteristic Hue dishes and promote the local food culture both nationally and internationally, the implementation of 3D digitization is necessary.

3D digitization of Hue cuisine
In Search of Hue Culinary Ambassador - season 4

On the afternoon of October 26, Hue College of Tourism, in collaboration with Cholimex Food Company, organized a competition in search of Hue culinary ambassador - season 4, 2023, with the theme “Delicious Hue Dishes”.

In Search of Hue Culinary Ambassador - season 4
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