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"Landscape Design of South Eo Bau - Thuong Thanh" Competition:

From idea to hope coming true

TTH.VN - Passing dozens of design projects, the project of the authors Do Tri Kiet, Tran Cong Tan, Tran Van Tien, Nguyen Tan Tai, and Nguyen Ngoc Tung from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sciences, Hue University were honored with the first prize of the contest "Landscape Design of South Eo Bau - Thuong Thanh".

Honoring authors in the Eo Bau - Thuong Thanh landscape design contest“Hue - New Perspectives”

The authors being in the process of finding ideas. Photo: provided by the authors

The contest was launched to get design ideas towards the embellishment and reconstruction of the landscape through Eo Bau - Thuong Thanh area, after thousands of households moved out of there, returning the land to the heritage.

Starting from the end of May, the contest has spread and received many designs from not only landscape design lovers in Hue but also from many other places across the country, most of the authors are architects or architecture students.

The winning works as well as the ones participating in the contest were immediately displayed and introduced to the public by the Hue Monuments Conservation Center in collaboration with the University of Sciences, Hue University, right in front of Ngo Mon Gate – Hue Imperial Citadel. Many viewers appreciated the contest because of its "timeliness" right after the people living on the surface of Hue Citadel rampart moved out and returned the land to the heritage.

Many works have left an impression with modern design but traditional as well as functional. In particular, the design of the group of Do Tri Kiet, Tran Cong Tan, Tran Van Tien, Nguyen Tan Tai, and Nguyen Ngoc Tung from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sciences, Hue University was highly appreciated with the first prize.

Tran Cong Tan, a representative of the group of authors, said that, in order to have such a design, the group spent a lot of time going to the area, coming up with ideas, and realizing those ideas on drawings. That design was chosen by the team with a large open space area, with an area of ​​up to 5,000m2.

In that space, the highlight that the whole group focused on and prioritized was the green spot serving the community. Around there is a tourist car park mainly for visitors to visit the complex of Hue Monuments Complex, next to it are public toilets as well as mobile sales counters.

“Our design also aims to create a public space for people living around. Besides, the intention is to bring the heritage closer to the people, thereby promoting the inherent heritage values,", Tan said.

The 5th-year student also said that the design idea of the whole group was to combine simple abstract shapes, with a symmetrical layout on both sides through the axis of Eo Bau to bring a sense of neatness and elegance to a space associated with the monument.

"The entire renovation area is always associated with respect and preservation, without affecting the historical works," Tan affirmed.

Mr. Hoang Viet Trung, Director of the Center for Conservation of Hue Monuments, said that Hue Citadel in particular and Hue heritage in general are precious assets and part of the cultural heritage of humanity. At this stage, the project of population relocation and site clearance for area I of Hue Citadel is completing its final stages. This contributed to revitalizing the appearance of Hue Citadel.

“It comes from the desire of conservationists to spread the value of Hue heritage to the community, and embellish the landscape after relocating residents on Eo Bau - Thuong Thanh. At the same time, in order to solicit unique initiatives and ideas to have tourism development orientations and promote the value of Thuong Thanh - Eo Bau, the center collaborated with the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sciences, Hue University to organize this design contest,” shared Mr. Trung.

Heritage lovers, when visiting the works, said that moving people out of Thuong Thanh - Eo Bau area is a big and difficult task, but it was done. Therefore, it will be easier and more convenient to re-create the landscape, design space to serve the community as well as exploit tourism.

From the winning works this time, viewers' wishes will soon be realized in the very spaces where people return the land to their heritage one day.

"Taking those ideas into consideration, it is necessary to discuss and calculate further to come up with a plan to decorate the space for Eo Bau - Thuong Thanh as soon as possible with specific and practical works," said Mr. Nguyen Hoai, who visited the design work on display.


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