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Honoring excellent films and filmmakers

TTH.VN - On the evening of November 20th, the closing and awards ceremony was formally held at Song Huong Theater, bringing the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival to an end.

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The film festival was an opportunity for artists and filmmakers from all over the country to meet

This year's Vietnam Film Festival took place from November 18th  to 20th  with in-person activities combined with online ones. Despite being held in a shorter period with fewer events, the special imprints of this year's film festival brought a new breath of life to the audience after a long time affected by the pandemic. It received the response and support of professionals and audiences across the country. 

Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ta Quang Dong emphasized, with the spirit of "Building a Vietnamese film industry rich in national identity, modernity, and humanity", the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival continued to assert itself as a professional art event.  It attracted a large number of producers, filmmakers, actors, as well as many cinematic works of high artistic quality, achieving high revenue.

The festival was organized with a spirit of flexibility, adapting to the new normal, while ensuring the prevention of COVID-19 and meeting the criteria of conducting a formal film festival of the film industry.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong presenting the award of the Provincial People's Committee for a Vietnamese film that was shot in Thua Thien Hue.

Despite many difficulties in the production and distribution of films in the past 2 years, Vietnamese cinema has continuously produced high-quality works that have received the support and love of the audience and critics. Each film, regardless of genre, is the culmination of the production unit after a process of hard work, in which filmmakers can express their love and passion for the 7th art.

This film festival honored excellent Vietnamese cinematic works released in 2020 and 2021, with the participation of 126 films from 40 units. Many brilliant films that have received much attention from the public have been awarded at this festival.

The organizing committee awarded 18 awards for excellent works and 26 excellent individual prizes. In which, 4 Golden Lotus awards were presented to the films: "Wooden Bird" (animated film), "Boundary" (documentary), "Traffic Blind Spot" (scientific film) and "Dreamy Eyes" ” (feature film). The film "Dreamy Eyes" also received the award of the Provincial People's Committee for a Vietnamese film that was shot in Thua Thien Hue.

 Presenting the flag to host the 23rd Vietnam Film Festival to Lam Dong province

Notably, in the feature film category, the best actress award was presented to People's Artist Le Khanh for the role of Ly Le Ha in “Camellia Sisters”; The best actor award was presented to actor Tuan Tran for the role of Quan in the movie "Dad, I’m Sorry".

Sharing her feelings when winning the award, People's Artist Le Khanh thanked the cast and film crew, especially the land of Hue for affording the film crew the opportunity to capture sublime footage.

“I am overjoyed that at this age, I still have the happiness of being immersed in the modern cinema of the youth. It proves that our generation has not been forgotten and is still welcomed by the audience. This is the motivation for us to continue making films," said People's Artist Le Khanh.

At the closing ceremony of the film festival, there was also a ceremony to present the flag to host the 23rd Vietnam Film Festival for Lam Dong Province. The next festival is expected to take place in 2023 in Da Lat, the city of flowers.

Story and photos: Minh Hien

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Ao dai Hue in the Vietnam Film Festival

Continuing the series of online exhibitions "Hue - The capital of Ao Dai Vietnam", this week, the Department of Culture and Sports has introduced to the public the exhibition "Ao Dai Hue in the Vietnam Film Festival" on its website and social networking platforms.

Ao dai Hue in the Vietnam Film Festival
The venue for filmmakers

In recent years, Hue has become a venue for many filmmakers. In addition to the famous landmarks, there are many other potentially beautiful places which are appealing to moviegoers. Cinema becomes an effective channel for promoting the landscape and heritage of Hue.

The venue for filmmakers
Film destination

It is not surprising that two feature films set in Hue won awards at the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival, which had just taken place in Hue. The film "Dreamy Eyes", portraying an ordinary life, won the Golden Lotus Prize, and the film "Camellia Sisters V", portraying a luxurious royal setting, won the prize of the Organizing Committee.

Film destination
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