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Hue Bookcase Development Fund established

TTH.VN - The Provincial People's Committee has recently issued Decision No. 950/QĐ-UBND, granting a license to establish and recognize the charter of the Hue Bookcase Development Fund, aiming to create a stable source of funding for publishing activities to build and develop the Hue Bookcase.

Opening Book Festival Day and launching 2 publications from Hue BookcaseCooperate to develop Hue Bookcase

The Hue Bookcase Development Fund is a non-profit social fund 

The Hue Bookcase Development Fund is a non-profit social fund that aims to support the construction and development of the Hue Bookcase Establishment and Development Project, established and managed by the Provincial People's Committee.

The Fund is founded on the founders' initial contribution capital, and the growth of the Fund's assets is based on mobilizing sponsorship and donations from organizations and individuals in and outside the country in accordance with the law. Fund contributions coming from publishing revenue are used to build and develop the Hue Bookcase.

The Fund operates on the principles of voluntariness, self-generation of capital, self-support, and self-responsibility before the law with the Fund's assets; in accordance with the Fund's rules recognized by the Provincial People's Committee, in compliance with the law, under the state management of the Provincial People's Committee (through the Department of Internal Affairs) and the management of the Department of Culture and Sports, Department of Information and Communication in the fields that the Fund operate.

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“The ups” of Hue tourism

Hue tourism enjoys positive results in the first 6 months of the year, including increased visitor numbers, a substantial rise in revenue, and potentials of expanding into international tourist markets. Many hotels and resorts in the Ancient Capital have also received high rankings in evaluations conducted by international tourism organizations.

“The ups” of Hue tourism
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