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Hue Nam Temple Festival to be held from April 21 - 22

TTH.VN - According to the Provincial Department of Culture and Sports, the Hue Nam Temple (Hon Chen Temple) Festival will take place in two days, from April 21 to 22 (on the second and the third day of the third month in Lunar calendar).

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 The procession by road within the Hue Nam Temple Festival in 2022

The festival is expected to attract about 2,000 to 3,000 participants, with 30 single and double dragon boats. The rituals, including the opening drum, the welcoming ritual, the entreating ritual, and the main ceremony to pray for peace and prosperity for the nation and the people, etc., will take place at two revenues, which are the Thien Tien Thanh Giao Holy Palace (at 352 Chi Lang Street), and the Hue Nam Temple (Huong Tho Commune, Hue City).

The Hue Nam Temple Festival is a traditional activity, with cultural and spiritual elements of a part of the population of Hue in particular and the whole country in general. The festival is held annually in the third and the seventh month in Lunar calendar at the temple located on Mount Ngoc Tran, by the bank of the Huong River, where Mother Goddess Thien Y A Na is worshiped. The festival is considered a folk culture festival on the Huong River.

According to the organization board, this festival is within the framework of the Summer Festival of Hue Festival 2023. Through the festival activities, it aims to contribute to preserving and promoting cultural and heritage values associated with the relics; at the same time, meeting the spiritual needs of the community practicing the Mother Goddess religion, an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity recognized by the UNESCO, as well as attracting visitors to Hue.

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"It's amazing that we came to this festival"

The artists were impressed by the affection and warm welcome from the audience, people, and visitors while representing their nations to perform and exchange culture at Hue Festival 2024 week.

It s amazing that we came to this festival
Bringing the Festival to patients

For hundreds of patients being treated at Hue Central Hospital, the afternoon of June 10 was a more bustling summer afternoon than usual as they enjoyed a unique cultural feature of the land of cherry blossoms from the Eisa Urakaji Drum Dance Art Troupe, which was participating in Hue Festival 2024.

Bringing the Festival to patients
Performing arts in the rain

The heavy rain on the night of June 9th caused a slight delay in the performance of the Double Impro dance group from Wallonia-Brussels, Belgium, at the stage of Quoc Hoc Pavilion. Nevertheless, thousands of spectators eagerly awaited the artists' appearance on stage.

Performing arts in the rain
Solemn Lantern Festival on the Huong River

On the evening of June 9th, the Provincial Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, in coordination with the Hue Festival 2024 Organizing Committee, launched the Lantern Festival.

Solemn Lantern Festival on the Huong River
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