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Many artists won prizes at the National Tuong and Folk Opera Festival

TTH.VN - The 2022 National Tuong and Folk Opera Festival, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in collaboration with Nghe An province, closed on the night of May 28.

Celebrating the Vietnam Theater DaySelecting 52 typical Tuong masks to be samples for production for Hue Festival and souvenir productsKeeping Hue tuong

Scene from the tuong play "Hoa nhat muon dan"

Thua Thien Hue had 3 plays attending the festival and won many awards. The opera "Cho Doi" by the Hue Opera Theater staged in the musical opera genre won the Silver Medal.

Many artists participating in the play also won high awards, specifically: Artists Thanh Loan (in the role of Mrs. Nga) and Phan Thu (in the role of Mr. Cuong) won the gold medals; artists Hien Loi (in the role of Uncle Trung), Dinh Trung (in the role of Thanh), and Hoang Ha (in the role of Mr. To) won silver medals; artists Minh Thuan (in the role of Mrs. Phuong) and Dieu Hien (in the role of Kim Song) won the bronze medals.

In the tuong genre, the Hue Royal Traditional Art Theater performed two plays: "Hoa nhat muon dan" and "Hon thieng song nui".

With the play "Hoa nhat muon dan", two artists Trong Thanh (in the role of Emperor Minh Mang) and Phong Thuy (in the role of Le Thi) won gold medals, artist Kieu Oanh (as Hien Thi) won silver medals.

With the play "Hon thieng song nui", artist Pham Le (in the role of Tu Anh) won the gold medal; artists: Nguyen Phong (in the role of Le Toan Trung), Dang Huu (in the role of To Dai) and Anh Dao (in the role of Hanh Quyen) won silver medals; Artist La Tuan (in the role of Le Tung) won the bronze medal.

This is a proud achievement of the artists after many devoted efforts to theatrical art.

The National Tuong and Folk Opera Festival in 2022 attracted the participation of 11 professional art units across the country performing in 16 plays.

By Minh Hien

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