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Selecting 52 typical Tuong masks to be samples for production for Hue Festival and souvenir products

TTH.VN - On April 13, the Department of Science and Technology organizing the acceptance of the results of the implementation of the Science and Technology project sponsored by the Science and Technology Development Fund named “The Application of grassroots-level scientific records on Tuong Hue masks into the production of Tuong masks for Hue Festival”. This project is taken charge of by Hue Monuments Conservation Center.

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The Council of Science and Technology checking and assessing that it was an innovative, practical, and effective research project

The research group selected 52 typical masks out of the total 152 masks under the record of “Tuong Hue masks” to implement the production with diverse and typical criteria of each character. The 52 masks will be made on 2 different kinds of material and sizes to be used for displaying, decoration (big size masks), and for wearing in performances (small size ones). The group selected the masks following the various criteria on characters, personality characteristics, the richness in colors and the harmony in gender and age.

These 52 typical masks which will be used in the seasons of Hue Festival are also the foundation to build up “The space for display and performing the skill of making Tuong Hue masks”, serving the practical, lively and effective promotion.

This project also contributes to the work of producing masks for various purposes such as making souvenir products, setting up the displaying space as a highlight in the tour of visiting Hue Citadel, etc.

By Hoai Thuong

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Chairman of the Provincial People s Committee Nguyen Van Phuong received a courtesy call from the Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam
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