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Music tourism in Hue - potential to promote

TTH.VN - In recent years, Hue tourism has been quite successful with a new type of tourism - sports tourism, especially running tournaments. However, Hue is a land that can develop other types of tourism, and music tourism is the great potential that needs to be awakened.

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 Young artists in Spring Summer Autumn Winter then the season-2 Spring  stirring up the musical life in Hue

In Vietnam, traveling and enjoying music have recently gained in popularity. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism trends have gradually changed, and so has the demand for watching musical performances. Performance organizations often choose music venues that have beautiful landscapes with healing songs and art performances.

With this type of organization, the audience can be satisfied not only with the music but also with the beautiful view. In addition, the combination of tourism upon watching performances offers tourists the opportunity to relax, explore the culture and especially the cuisine of many new lands.

In our country, recently many live music shows of famous singers with a huge fan base have been held in many famous tourist cities such as Da Lat, Da Nang, Hoi An, Ninh Binh… Keywords like “ Reach Da Lat to listen to music” or “Come to Ninh Binh to watch Ha Anh Tuan…” have enjoyed popularity…

In Hue, many singers, music groups, and event organizers have recently held many music programs that left many impressions on fans such as the programs in memory of musician Trinh Cong Son; Spring Summer  Autumn Winter then Spring; Wandering Clouds… However, the musical performances in Hue have not yet generated high ticket sales and especially not yet yielded much revenue for local tourism…

Because most of the programs were lined up by organizations, individuals, companies, and brands for the purpose of sponsorship and promotion, heavy emphasis was not put on ticket sales. The programs aimed mainly at attracting and entertaining locals…

Hue really needs major music festival programs or performances by leading domestic and foreign singers/songwriters/performers with a large fan base in order to attract the audience to Hue to watch performances combined with travel. Festival programs should focus more on music festivals and media work to attract domestic and international audience to music and to traditional cultural/craft festivals.

Young artists in Spring Summer Autumn Winter then season-2 Spring  stirring up the musical life in Hue 

Hue boasts diverse natural landscapes with mountains, rivers, and sea. Hue is also the place to preserve many unique cultural values with 5 heritages recognized as the heritage of humanity. Hue is also the cradle of Vietnamese music with the Academy of Music established in 2017, one of three institutions nationwide that provides tertiary-level music training.

This is the place where many famous singers/artists/music producers were trained and are currently operating in big cities. Many singers/musicians from Hue with a love for their homeland may be very willing to return to their homeland to organize big music programs to attract fans from other provinces and cities to Hue in combination with traveling.

In order to increase the number of international tourists, it is necessary to encourage, mobilize and offer conditions for artists and bands of international or regional level to perform if conditions permit. These shows draw a huge number of fans who come to watch the idols perform.
Aside from watching performances, fans will plan to travel, take a vacation... Therefore, other services such as hotels, coffee shops, amusement parks, restaurants, and tourist attractions will also get a slice of the cake.

Most specially, the performances and discovery journeys by artists/bands and audience are a super and effective opportunity to promote the local culture, tourism, and potential. Through performances, singers and artists contribute to introducing culture, cuisine, heritage conservation, and environmental protection.

It can be said that the monumental and poetic musical performance stages can be built everywhere in Hue. The area of Hoàng thành (Imperial Citadel) - Quảng trường Ngọ Môn (Meridian Gate Square), spots along the Perfume River; pedestrian zones; western hilly area with new art spaces such as Le Ba Dang, Ru Ri Hill; peaceful countryside in Phong Dien, Quang Dien; Bach Ma (White Horse) area, Lap An Lagoon, Lang Co, Canh Duong… are also the enjoyable music performance venues.

Notably, right in the heart of Hue City, Sông Hương (Perfume River)Theater, which has been put into operation since 2020 with a capacity of 1,000 seats and an international - standard sound and light system, is an ideal place to organize large-scale music shows.

In addition, with the experience of organizing major art programs within the framework of the Festival, Hue is fully capable of organizing large musical performance programs to attract domestic and foreign tourists, combined with travel. Hue is known as the land of poetry, music, and painting; this is one of the strengths for the city to absorb traditions and constantly innovate to become not only a Festival City but also a city with many strengths for many different types of tourism.

Story: Song Nguyen
Photos provided by the organizing board
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