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Nearly 850 million VND for Khai Tuong Lau’s roof restoration project

TTH.VN - This is the amount that has just been approved by the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee. The sum is from the non-refundable aid that is not part of the official non-project support, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture - French Government through the UNESCO Office in Hanoi.

Introducing the process of preserving and restoring Phung Tien PalaceThe valuable document about Hue architectural heritageBringing Hue heritage into the nucleus of development

Khai Tuong Lau’s roof system will be restored

On August 25, the Provincial People's Committee announced the above information. Accordingly, the project will thoroughly handle the water leaks through the roof into the building and limit the risk of damaging other parts of the building in order to return a spacious, clean and beautiful appearance, returning the inherent beauty to the architectural work. At the same time, it contributes to serving the local community, international visitors, researchers, and students who come to visit, research and study.

It is known that Hue Monuments Conservation Center will receive and organize the implementation of the non-project aid according to regulations.

Khai Tuong Lau is the main hall of An Dinh Palace, built under the reign of Emperor Khai Dinh in the early 20th century according to European classical architecture. Its elegance and splendor are created by a system of reliefs, murals and decorative wall panels in European-style flower and leaf patterns combined with traditional oriental decorative motifs, such as the eight weapons, phoenix bird, swastika, the longevity character... This architectural work is one of 17 clusters of relics belonging to the cultural heritage system in Hue recognized by UNESCO.

This is also the place to organize cultural events Hue Festival and annual cultural and art exchanges of the province.

By N. Minh

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