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Painting contest on Vietnamese cultural heritages launched

TTH.VN - Vietnam Cultural Heritage Association on May 31 launched a painting contest with the theme "Vietnamese cultural heritages through paintings" in Hue City.

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 Mr. To Van Dong, Vice President of Vietnam Cultural Heritage Association, Head of the Organizing Committee introducing about the contest

According to the Organizing Committee, the participants of the contest are art lovers. In particular, young painters, students majoring in fine arts at universities, colleges specializing in fine arts, as well as cultural and fine art schools nationwide, and Vietnamese students abroad are encouraged to participate in the contest.

The entries of the contest are required to be free-style paintings, expressing the value of tangible and intangible cultural heritages, and scenic landscapes across all regions of Vietnam. These entries are painted on canvas, using materials such as oil paint, lacquer, Acrylic; or silk paintings, and graphic paintings, etc.

The Organizing Committee will preliminarily judge the entries through their photos, due to be sent to the organizing committee via email. Shortlisted entries will receive separate notices and be submitted by post then.

The Organizing Committee of the contest will receive the entries from now until September 2023. The winning entries will be awarded on the occasion of Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day (on November 23). The total prize of this contest is worth up to VND 960 million; in which, one Excellence prize is worth VND 100 million; one First prize, VND 75 million; two Second prizes, VND 50 million each; three Third prizes, VND 40 million each; and 20 Consolation prizes, VND 10 million each.

The contest aims to create a playground for painters, and at the same time giving young painters the opportunity to learn and express their love for cultural heritages, and express their ideas and creativity in their painting creations. From the contest, it is hoped to encourage and create a movement in loving Vietnamese cultural heritages, preserve and honor the priceless value of the national cultural heritages, as well as spreading the love of cultural heritages among young people of today.

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