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Selecting set of identity images and posters of Hue Festival 2020

TTH.VN - On November 6, the Organizing Board of Hue Festival 2020 informed that a set of images of four mascots in Hue royal fine arts, including dragon, unicorn, tortoise and phoenix, were chosen as the identity images and would regularly appear throughout all communication products in the 11th Hue Festival in 2020.

Hue Festival 2020 launchedHue Festival 2020 will be held on April 1 - 6, 2020Hue is Building its Brand as a Festival City

Official poster of Hue Festival 2020

Particularly, the image of dragon-horse, which has been associated with the logo of Hue Festival since 2000, will be the key image on the official poster of Hue Festival 2020. The dominant color of the poster is the characteristic purple color associated with Hue. This color is elegant and poetic, as well as deep and thoughtful, mixed with a bit of the festive atmosphere so that the color shade turning into purple-blue, combining with golden yellow as a highlight to create the elegance. The color combination harmonizes the traditional and modern elements of a city rich in heritage and striving to integrate.

Other than using a single image in the propaganda and promotion as in previous festivals, the Organizing Board of  Festival Hue 2020 decided to choose four stylized graphic images of the four mascots in Hue royal fine arts, including dragon, unicorn, tortoise and phoenix, to illustrate the four theme clusters, which are “a heritage Hue, a spiritual Hue, a poetic and modern Hue, and a unique Hue Festival”.

The theme clusters are both in line with the multi-dimensional communication approach of Hue Festival 2020 and towards the message of “an always-new Hue” - an ancient city full of charm, hiding a very unique cultural depth. Thus, let come to Hue to have new discoveries and experiences.

With the theme "Cultural Heritage together with Integration and Development – Hue is always new", the 11th Hue Festival takes place from April 1 - 6, 2020, promising to bring participants new and unique experiences in culture, history and fine arts.

Let admire the identity set of Hue Festival 2020:

The image of dragon - the symbol of Hue imperial palace, represents tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Hue

The image of dragon-horse - the symbol of relentless vigor, represents a contemporary Hue and a Hue Festival converging the quintessence of heritage, spirituality, cuisine and arts

The image of turtle, which symbolizes the harmony of yin and yang, represents the spiritual cultural traits of the ancient capital

The image of phoenix, which symbolizes prosperity, represents peaceful nature, and a green city with friendly environment

News: Duc Quang, Photos: Organization Board of  Festival Hue 2020 


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