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Thai Mieu to be repaired and restored

TTH.VN - On the afternoon of April 23, Hue Monuments Conservation Center held a conference to call for ideas for phase 1 of the plan to preserve, repair, restore and embellish Thai Mieu temple complex (Imperial Ancestral Temple). Attending the conference were cultural researchers and experts in the field of conservation.

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After the war, Thai Mieu was severely destroyed, almost turning into "ground zero" 

According to the report on the feasibility of phase 1 of the project to preserve, repair, restore and embellish Thai Mieu Temple complex, Hue Monuments Conservation Center will renovate and restore the following: Thai Mieu, Thai Mieu gate, system of courtyards, paths, trees, lawns and technical infrastructure. The project is expected to be implemented in 4 years with a total cost of over 265 VND billion.

Thai Mieu will be repaired and restored based on the viewpoint of preserving original and intact components of the monument. Among which, the architectural vestiges and landscapes of the Gia Long Dynasty and the additions and changes in decoration, colors and materials under the reign of Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Tu Duc, Thanh Thai, etc. will be preserved. The ill-fitting components that affect the structure during previous repairs will be removed. The use of traditional materials and techniques will be prioritized.

Researchers giving suggestions on the plan to preserve, repair, restore and embellish Thai Mieu Temple complex

Researchers and experts gave many recommendations during the conference. Some comments proposed that the repair and restoration of Thai Mieu should be carried out carefully and cautiously because this is a large-scale project. Archaeological excavations of the whole complex are necessary to have a full and accurate assessment of the changes the complex underwent. Other recommendations suggest investing in collecting written materials, photographic documents and drawings of Thai Mieu, especially paying attention to Chau Ban materials (royal dossiers) and documentary images. A master plan of this architectural complex is also essential...

Thai Mieu is one of the five important temples of the Nguyen Dynasty. It was the first temple to be built within Hue Imperial Citadel, to worship the emperors’ ancestors. Thai Mieu Temple complex is a fairly large architectural complex with over 10 structures, arranged in accordance with the general principles of Nguyen Dynasty architecture. In 1947, Thai Mieu along with other temples was destroyed due to the ravages of war.

By Minh Hien


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