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Branding and promoting the value of Hue yellow apricot blossoms

TTH.VN - In just a few days, the first national-scale Yellow Apricot Festival will be held in Hue.

The city of yellow apricot blossomsYellow apricot blossom at the front entrance

The unique shape of the Hue yellow apricot

To understand more about the characteristics of the 1st Hue Yellow Apricot Festival 2023 as well as the expectations of artisans and gardeners growing yellow apricot trees, we had an exchange with some famous apricot artisans in Hue and members of the Thua Thien Hue Yellow Apricot Association.

Artisan Vinh Ky:

Yellow apricot is a feature of Hue

The Hue yellow apricot is a small tree with a long lifespan, green buds, and thick branches. The blossoms have short stalks with 5 bright yellow petals, wavy borders, a flat surface, closely aligned petals, and a mild fragrance. These are the sensory characteristics of Hue yellow apricot, distinguishing it from other types of apricot.

Hue yellow apricot blossoms do not have red leaves like the red apricot blossoms of the Central - Central region, or many petals like the apricot blossoms of the South. It has only 5 or 6 petals and green leaves. The petals are thick, bright yellow with a distinct light, pure and elegant fragrance. Hue yellow apricot leaves are elongated and less rounded than other apricot varieties. There are three types of yellow apricots in Hue: Mo apricot, Trau apricot and Se apricot. When it comes to yellow apricots, one does not only admire their blossoms, but also their varied shapes; in which, the most famous is “Luong Long chau nguyet” (Two dragons adoring the moon).

With the harsh weather, it is difficult for Hue yellow apricots to grow and develop. Thus, the beauty, preciousness, and nobility of the apricot, from its overall appearance to its shape, bark, branches, leaves and especially flowers, both in shape, color and fragrance are even more appreciated. It is the rarity, along with those unique values, that have created the preciousness of the Hue yellow apricot, so it is solemnly positioned in the garden house and especially in the cultural life of Hue, carrying many distinct symbolic meanings.

The apricot tree is associated with the cultural life of the Hue people; especially on the holidays. Every house must have a pot of apricots or an apricot branch in the house. Hue people believe that the healthy, lush branches and leaves, fresh, bright blossoms, and gentle fragrances during Tet is a sign of a new year of peace and prosperity.

Artisan Nguyen Thien Ha, Standing Vice Chairman of Hue Yellow Apricot Association:

Gathering the best trees

The 1st Hue Yellow Apricot Festival 2023 will be held in a few days at Thuong Bac Park. The festival lasts more than 10 days, right on the occasion of Tet. Therefore, Hue artisans and gardeners are very eager and determined to showcase the most beautiful trees, contributing to the success and prestige of the first national-scale festival held in Hue. It is an honor that Hue Yellow Apricot Association is a co-organizer.

Participants in the festival will be artisans, gardeners, members of the Hue Yellow Apricot Association and from the provinces and cities that have strong movements with unique yellow apricot trees. It is expected that the festival will bring together 320 most beautiful trees; in which, there will be 250 medium-sized apricot trees (from 0.5m to under 1.2m) and 70 large-sized apricot trees (over 1.2m).

The preparatory work has been basically completed. The Hue yellow apricot trees brought to the display are each artist's most quintessential and unique works. Hue yellow apricot trees are in their most beautiful period, with fresh blossoms blooming on the occasion of the competition... Therefore, we highly hope to create an attractive and interesting space for visitors to visit and enjoy.

During the festival, there will be a contest of beautiful and valuable yellow apricot trees. The panel of judges will include 5 experts and artisans in the province and 2 experts and artisans from other provinces, to vote and award special pieces in the most impartial and objective way.

Mr. Truong Tuan Anh, Chairman of Hue Yellow Apricot Association:

Elevating the brand name to promote more effectively

The 1st Hue Yellow Apricot Festival 2023 is not only a conventional festival but it affirms the value and builds the brand name of the land of yellow apricots and especially promotes the value of Hue yellow apricots.

It's time to evaluate and develop Hue yellow apricots in the commercial direction for Hue. We went to An Duong apricot village in Binh Dinh Province to visit the province's apricot growing method.

Each year, this apricot village alone exports to the market several thousand apricot trees, priced from 500,000 VND to 5 million VND. The total revenue is about 190 billion VND per year. Hue market alone consumes more than 1,000 apricot trees from this flower village. Looking back at Hue, the yellow apricot is a very typical tree. So, this festival is the first step to promote and exploit the yellow apricot in a better economic direction.

Immediately after the festival, the Hue Yellow Apricot Association will form a model of a mid-range yellow apricot bonsai garden with trees valued at 1-10 million VND. This will be a place for people to come and exchange, and learn how to care for and shape the trees. It will also be a place where research is coordinated to transfer the process of taking care of apricot trees so they blossom right on Tet. The association aims at anyone who can grow apricots and develop the economy from apricot trees.

By Quang Sang

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