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Enthusiastic passion for dance

TTH.VN - The mutual understanding, love and passion for dance have given Chau Minh Nhat and Pham Nhu Quynh wings to spread the message of dance moves to everyone.

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 The couple Nhu Quynh and Minh Nhat (standing in the middle) at Hue - Zumba® Festival 2023

Being destined to be together

In July, many locals and visitors in the area of Quoc Hoc Stele and Hai Ba Trung walking street were completely surprised as they witnessed thousands of people passionately enjoying the exciting dance moves at Hue - Zumba® Festival 2023. That was attributed not only to the scale of this brand-new event, but also to the various activities within the festival. And, the excitement of colors, music and dance, have contributed to portraying the peaceful but still extremely bustling and attractive image of Hue.

No one else but they, Minh Nhat and Nhu Quynh, a young couple from DEETOP Dance & Fitness Center, performed and ignited the fire of passion for Zumba to thousands of people through the Hue - Zumba® Festival 2023.

"Our fate is also the colleagues' fate", which is a funny saying and also a true story of the couple sharing passion for dance. Before the Hue - Zumba® Festival 2023, many dance lovers in the province got to know Minh Nhat and Nhu Quynh through dance classes at the provincial Youth Activity Center.

 Bursting with colors and dance

The journey to succeed in Zumba in particular and dance in general of the young couple was not easy. Although they have just turned 32, both Minh Nhat and Nhu Quynh accumulate more than 17 years of experience with dance moves.

Nhu Quynh said: "At that time, I was just a 9th grade student. At first, I joined an aerobics class in a center just for fun. Then, that center provided more experiencing and practicing performances. When I observed a hip-hop dance class (where Nhat was also practicing in), I felt extremely fond of it and immediately switched to the class."

With the shared passion for dance, dance moves and music, Nhu Quynh and Minh Nhat gradually connected to each other. From friends, and from spending time associated with the development of the center, their opportunities with dance genres increasingly expanded.

Living with passion

Minh Nhat recalled: "At first, it was simply a place to practice; after a few years, the club became a dance company, with expandingly diverse dance genres, and increased frequency of practice and performances. During that time, Quynh and I were often a dance duo. Passion has grown, and love has, too". In 2017, Minh Nhat and Nhu Quynh got married. The young couple not only turned a new page in their lives, but also officially "went out" and separated from the dance company to spread their wings in a new land.

However, living with passion was not easy when obstacles and challenges constantly appeared. After two years of diligently learning and gaining deeper access to dance genres, especially Zumba, at the end of 2019, Nhu Quynh and Minh Nhat decided to open a center. As their classes and students had not yet been stabilized after the stormy season, the COVID-19 pandemic struck and put the burden on the young couple.

“During that difficult period, my husband and I did everything to maintain our passion, from teaching via Zoom to selling products online. Thanks to this passion, we had more motivation to overcome difficult days; since then, our desire and determination to pursue dance genres were also stronger and stronger," shared Nhu Quynh.

After the incidents, their work got better and better. To meet the needs of students, Nhu Quynh and Minh Nhat deployed a variety of dance genres as well as vocational training to instill passion in young people. With two locations and more than 200 members, the Zumba genre, Group X, is focused on classes for adults, combining exercise with music to improve physique and health. As for children, dance kids classes with a variety of dance genres have been set up.

With a lot of enthusiasm in the classes, especially the dance kids classes, the young couple's desire is not only to make this a place to hone techniques and skills, but also to create a healthy learning and training environment for the kids to practice and develop their dancing talent.

In the past two years, along with activities with great influence, including Hue - Zumba® Festival, Champion of the National Flashmob Competition 2022, and Love Dance Fiesta 2023, Nhu Quynh and Minh Nhat organized the concert kids, where the little students can show off and practice their talents.

"All proceeds from the program will be donated to loving homes that raise orphans. This is both the heart and the message that DEETOP and students want to convey to everyone. Not only does it bring physical and mental health, dance moves also bring positive and compassionate energy to the community," shared Nhu Quynh, who sow the seeds of kindness with kids from this program.

Story: Mai Hue - Photos: Nhu Quynh
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