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Giving away “life” on the way home

TTH.VN - On the car ride back to the birthplace, the family of Mr. L.V.H. in Nghe An decided to donate his son's organs at Hue Central Hospital with the desire to leave a meaningful gift like the way he shared it with everyone when he was still alive.

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 Doctors and nurses of Hue Central Hospital spend a moment of silence in gratitude to the patient before taking organs

5 people had organ transplantation

Mr. L.V.H. (born in 1982, Tan Ky, Nghe An) was working in Binh Phuoc. On July 29, he had a traffic accident on his way home from work. Although doctors of Cho Ray Hospital conscientiously saved the patient, he fell into a coma, brain dead. The family asked to take Mr. H home.

Mr. H.'s family has three siblings, among them, Mr. H. was the first child, still unmarried. His relatives said that every month, he would regularly send money home to take care of his parents, he lived a very kind life and often helped people.

Ms. L.T.N., Mr. H's sister is the one who made decisions and encouraged her family and relatives, especially her parents, to donate her brother's tissues and organs to save lives. Surprisingly, everyone who heard it agreed. From 12:00 midnight to 5:00 in the morning, when taking him from Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. N. could not sleep, not believing that her family had lost him, so she had that intention.

On July 30, Mr. H's family called the National Organ Transplant Coordination Center (also called the Center). The Center then consulted and connected human resources. Concerned that the organ would not be secure, the bus had to stop at Quy Nhon Hospital to get more supportive medicine. Initially, the family planned to take Mr. H. to Nghe An provincial hospital to donate, but to ensure the source of organs, the doctors advised the family to go to Hue Central Hospital to carry out the procedures and perform the organ and tissue donation.

According to Dr. Tran Thi Cam Tu, Deputy Director of the Organ Transplantation Center, Hue Central Hospital, immediately after receiving the information, the whole team began supporting the family with legal procedures and urgently carrying out donor tests as quickly as possible. “Never before have we come into contact with such an enthusiastic and kind donor family. Not only the patient but the medical team is grateful for the gesture of bringing light and continuing the life of other patients," said Dr. Tu.

 The team took the donated liver and sent it to Viet-Germany Friendship Hospital

This is the second brain-dead person to donate tissues and organs at Hue Central Hospital. Accordingly, the kidney and cornea of the donor patient were transplanted for 4 patients at Hue Central Hospital; the liver was donated to L.H.M., born in 1986, with an indication for an emergency liver transplant on the list of Viet-Germany Friendship Hospital.

The Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital sent blood samples to Hue to cross-match on the flight at 9:55 am on July 31. At Hue Central Hospital, the team quickly removed organs. Dr. Ho Van Linh, Head of Surgery Department, Oncology Center of Hue Central Hospital, is responsible for preserving and transporting organs to Hanoi on a 12:35 flight the same day. At 2:36 p.m., donor liver was present at Viet-Germany Friendship Hospital. At 2:30 on August 1, the transplant was successful.

“Continue this life for my brother”

According to the Vietnam National Coordinating Center for Human Organ Transplantation, on August 2, patient L.H.M at Viet-Germany Friendship Hospital had his ventilator removed, the liver transplant function is progressing well and is being taken care of in a special room.

In Hue, the health of 4 patients receiving organs and tissues also gradually recovered. The hospital is monitoring the patients’ post-transplant health. One of the four said: “I saw everything clearly. After 20 years of living in the dark, I now see the light of life again. Thank you to the person who donated the cornea. Thank you to the doctors who have treated me wholeheartedly”!

Prof. Dr. Pham Nhu Hiep, Director of Hue Central Hospital, said: “The source of donated organs from brain-dead donors is currently very scarce while the waiting list for organ transplants is getting longer and longer. The unit acknowledges and respects the good will of Mr. L.V.H.'s family. Organ transplantation techniques at Hue Central Hospital have become regular. We have built our standard process. When the donating and receiving parameters are identical, it only needs to be activated to put the process into operation.”

 Transplantation of the donated cornea for patients at Hue Central Hospital

Through the information of the Vietnam National Coordinating Center for Human Organ Transplantation and the press, many pages in Nghe An province spread the news; so, even though the car brought the body of Mr. L.V.H. hadn't come home yet, the neighbors knew it. Many people came to encourage, offered their condolences and joined hands to take care of the funeral. Everyone was impressed with the organ donation. His family realized this decision was utterly right and received a positive response from the family and the community.

“A long time ago, I knew an acquaintance in Ninh Binh who donated organs. Watching TV, I was very touched by his gesture. Recently reading the story that Bamboo Flight accepted being delayed to wait for the heart transplanted in Hue brought tears to my eyes. I didn't expect that when my sibling also donated organs, that feeling was indescribable,” recalled Mr. N.'s sister, H., who decided to donate his brother's organs and tissues.

On August 5, after taking care of the funeral of Mr. L.V.H., Ms. L.T.N. still choked up at the mention of his brother. Their father is a 1/4 rank wounded soldier; their old mother often looks forward to hearing from her children having a career away from home. “Every month, he saved money to send back to my mother and support my brothers. Mr. H. is unmarried, and many plans are unfinished. My brother and I are compatible, so we share everything. At the end of his life, he left a meaningful gift for life. I hope the tissue and organ transplant patients recover soon. Please continue this life for my brother”, said Mrs. N. tearfully.

These days, when neighbors and relatives have time, they come over to N.'s parents' house to talk. Looking at her mother holding a picture of her brother crying, Ms. N. could only read articles and wishes from readers far and near to console her family.

Ms. N. said: “Thank you very much, Hue Central Hospital and the medical team, for helping the family fulfil their wish. From a distance, perhaps he was watching and smiling. He will always be a hero in the eyes of me and my family.”

Story: T. Ninh
Photos: T. Hien
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