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Hue Eye Hospital: To Affirm its unique brand

TTH.VN - Constantly investing in facilities, developing quality of human resources, Hue Eye Hospital (HEH) has become a reliable address, meeting the needs of medical examination and treatment of high-quality for eye diseases at national and regional level.

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Cooperating with foreign experts to perform complex ophthalmologic surgery

Investing in human resources and facilities

Visiting Hue Eye Hospital, people would be impressed by a spacious and clean medical facility. According to specialized doctor Pham Minh Truong, Director of Hue Eye Hospital, in order to meet the increasing needs of medical care of local people, over the years, Hue Eye Hospital has put a lot of effort in innovation, such as improving physical infrastructure, upgrading faculties and clinics. Most of the outpatient clinics and lounges are fully equipped with equipment and facilities (air-conditioners, fans, automatic water purifiers, free Wi-Fi, TV, lounge chairs, beds of high-class ...).

In addition to investing in medical equipment and facilities, leaders of the hospital also strive to build a unique working environment, encouraging medical staff to develop their professional skills. Each year, in addition to being supported by non-governmental organizations with 1 to 3 doctors participating in international ophthalmic training programs, Hue Eye Hospital also invites leading international experts to transfer technology and to share experiences with medical staffs, doctors at the hospital.

In 2019, Hue Eye Hospital, for the second time (the first time in 2015), became the main partner of the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, the only hospital worldwide having many of the world's leading experts in ophthalmology field from various countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, Japan ... and the most updated equipment and facilities. This is a great opportunity for Hue ophthalmologists to approach to and apprehend worldwide advanced technologies in the field of ophthalmology, creating a national and regional brand.

Exchanging professional experiences between doctors of Hue Eye Hospital and international experts

With aforementioned advantages, Hue Eye Hospital has proactively brought major benefits to their patients with satisfaction, successful treatment and reasonable cost. As a result, the quality of medical examination, treatment and service has been constantly improved.

Mrs. Vo Thi Sau (Thuy Chau Ward, Huong Thuy Town) who underwent treatment at Hue Eye Hospital, shared that she had eye disease for two years and it was not cured despite various treatment. When she came here, thanks to doctors, her eyes were improved, they no longer ache like before.

Mr. Nguyen Van Xe, from Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province, who had his medical examination at Hue Eye Hospital said: “Hue Eye Hospital has helped me integrate with my community, be able to find a stable job since I have lived in the dark for years. I believe in this hospital. "

Performing surgery for patients with eye diseases

"Every day is a journey to find faith"

Currently, Hue Eye Hospital is considered the leading specialized unit of the province, becoming one of the largest specialized ophthalmic hospitals in the country. However, that is not the ultimate target of Hue Eye Hospital, as the goal is to be the facility providing examination and treatment of high-quality and bringing satisfaction to patients.

In order to achieve those results, besides improving the quality of medical examination and treatment, Hue Eye Hospital continues to build a green and clean environment, reform medical examination procedures, shorten the waiting time of patients; innovate service for patient with patient-centered model of care. Hue Eye Hospital also set up a hotline system, a Suggestion box to be informed of the situation and to solve additional problems according to the regulations.

Patients coming to Hue Eye Hospital for medical examination are always looked after carefully and wholeheartedly from the beginning. Every year, Hue Eye Hospital launches many free eye examination and treatment programs for children in the Central - Central Highlands region; launches bright eyes program for the elderly. Many poor and unfortunate patients coming to hospitals are supported promptly not only mentally.

The motto of working of every medical staff in Hue Eye Hospital is: “Every employee does not consider each day going by a job but a journey to find faith and hope with patients. The happiness of patients is the joy and happiness of medical staff and doctors of Hue Eye Hospital”. Therefore, in addition to professional activities, Hue Eye Hospital medical team constantly makes efforts to arouse positive emotions in patients and to encourage their belief.

Specialized doctor Pham Minh Truong, Director of Hue Eye Hospital, said that Hue Eye Hospital was the first unit in Hue’s Healthcare system being granted by the Provincial People's Committee to complete autonomy in financial management. This is a turning point in the development process of the hospital, determining the quality of medical service of the unit.

Currently, Hue Eye Hospital continues to innovate, develop comprehensively, providing medical examination and treatment to satisfy patients and becoming the first Children's Eye Care Center in Vietnam with international standard, increasing popularity of Children’s eye care in Thua Thien Hue, with the highest rate nationwide (90%).

Annually, the hospital receives over 50,000 patient visits, more than 5,000 inpatient treatments and performs surgeries for over 5,000 patients. By deploying and successfully applying difficult techniques in vitrectomy, posterior segment surgery, children's eye surgery, PHACO-surgery with multifocal IOL, treatment of retinopathy, professional ophthalmologic-plastic surgery, etc... Hue Eye Hospital provides patients with better opportunities to have successful treatment of complex diseases without being transferred to another hospital or travelling abroad...

Story, photos: Ha Minh

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Continuing to send medical staff to Ho Chi Minh City

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To join the battle is happiness
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