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Hue is more and more beautiful

TTH.VN - Hue had never changed and been as dynamic as the past few years, when key projects gradually appeared, contributing to creating urban highlights and improving people's income.

KOICA signs to support Hue culture and tourism smart city developmentHue city: "Changing new clothes" for the central urban area

The Manor Crown Hue urban area becomes an urban highlight

Along the two banks of the Perfume River, it gets crowded once the sun sets. Young people gather in groups to play sports, skateboarding, rollerblading, etc. Meanwhile, adults go jogging and cycle along the walking route. The Ben Me area, which used to be gloomy, has been invested to have green, clean, and beautiful spot.

The water music area in Ly Tu Trong Park, which is many people's favorite check-in place to take photos, is one of the highlights of the Ly Tu Trong Park embellishment project on Le Loi street - the central urban route with a total investment of more than 16.3 billion VND from the national budget.

"Hue is more and more beautiful, lively, and happy. Every night, I often immerse myself in nature with the walking paths along the Perfume River, release my soul into the space with green trees and lawns being meticulously cared, etc. I find myself loving life more. And for me, Hue is more and more worth living", said Mr. Le Ngoc Anh, an old man, while walking around the walking route along the south bank of the Perfume River.

Besides the walking routes along the Perfume River that have been completed and put into use, the granite walkway with the length of 2.9km along the Perfume River connecting Da Vien Bridge to Thien Mu Pagoda is urgently constructed and expected to be completed in April. The detailed planning project on both banks of the Perfume River has just been approved, promising to create new highlights for Hue city.

Besides the projects invested in forming a new urban space, localities are also trying to complete the adjustment of the local area, planning to realize the Resolution No. 54-NQ/TW (2019) on building and developing Thua Thien Hue province by 2030 with a vision toward 2045.

In addition to the projects to build urban landscape highlights, many projects to ensure safety have also been implemented. The two most outstanding ones are the project on population relocation and site clearance in area I of Hue Citadel relic site and the technical infrastructure project of Bac Huong So - a residential area with the expectation of ensuring the security of more than 3,000 households, creating a remarkable consensus of the people.

Currently, technical infrastructure projects for the arrangement of population resettlement and relocation in area I of Hue Citadel are being implemented with eight projects in new residential areas with a total investment of 835 billion VND with a scale of about 2,783 portions of land; among these, 2,158 land portions have been completed, reaching the rate of over 77.5%.

Mr. Hoang Thien, Director of the Construction Investment Project Management Board in Hue city, informed that, at present, areas 1 and 2 have been completed the handover and put into use, stabilizing people's lives. Meanwhile, areas 3 and 4 basically completed the construction and prepared to pass to households. Besides, areas 6 and 7 are expected to be transferred by the end of May, and the remaining areas will be handed over by the end of June.

Along with investment projects from the state capital, the ones of enterprises have also played a vital part in forming the urban shape with modern urban areas such as The Manor Crown Hue, An Cuu City, etc., or social housing apartment buildings serving the needs of low-income people such as Xuan Phu, Aranya, Vicoland.

There are several investment projects of key investors that have just been put into operation, which are potential to contribute significantly to the local budget, such as the Hue Premium Silica Factory project of Viet Phuong Group and the Billion Max Vietnam processing factory project.

According to data from the Department of Planning and Investment, in the first quarter, the total realized investment capital reached 4,150 billion VND, which increased 1.5% compared to the same period last year. Particularly, the capital managed by the central government accounts for 1,175 billion VND (increasing 13.2%). In comparison, Capital managed by the local authority was 2,975 billion VND (decreasing 2.4%). In contrast, the enterprise's investment capital was 620 billion VND (increasing 1.6% compared to the corresponding period last year).

The province also issued investment policies for seven domestic investment projects with a total registered capital of about 902 billion VND, adjusted the implementation progress for four projects and increasing the investment capital for four projects with the adjusted Capital of 395 billion VND.

The province also focuses on the supplement for the list of projects calling for investment and imparting the information about projects calling for investment. The province has also make up information on nearly 200 projects, of which 16 projects have been published with detailed information that is ready to call for investment.

A representative of the Department of Planning and Investment stated that the Department and related departments are continuing to support to accelerate the construction progress in completing urban roads and connecting with localities in the area such as extended Dao Tan Street, Thuy Phu - Vinh Thanh Street, Phu My - Thuan An Street, Cho Mai - Tan My Street, Phong Dien - Dien Loc Town Rescue route.

Besides, we will speed up constructing urban embellishment projects such as: widening Overhead Bridge (on Bui Thi Xuan Street), walking path from Da Vien Bridge to Linh Mu Pagoda, Bui Thi Xuan riverside road, etc. At the same time, we also support the implementation of Central projects in the area, such as Cam Lo - La Son highway, expansion of passenger terminal at Phu Bai International Airport, etc.

Story and photo: HOANG LOAN

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