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Hue city: "Changing new clothes" for the central urban area

TTH.VN - Hue is getting more and more beautiful every day. That is the feeling of the local and tourists when the space on the two banks of the Huong River, the central routes and the historical sites of Hue Citadel are gradually clearing and airy from urban relocation and embellishment.

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Provincial and City leaders observed the walking route along the banks of the Perfume River to orient the embellishment

The highlight of the two banks of the Huong River

After being put into operation in early 2019, the ironwood bridge has become an attractive destination, along with the walkway along the Huong River from Phu Xuan Bridge to Truong Tien Bridge. These have become new and indispensable "check-in" points for visitors to Hue.

From the ironwood bridge highlight, the city continues to implement many projects to embellish the area on the two banks of the Huong River, including the two walking routes on the South and the North banks, the parks, and the green spots along the two river banks, which changes the image of Hue urban and creates more recreational spots for the local and tourists.

Along with the two banks of the Huong River, recently, the city has focused on embellishing the roads affecting the project on improving the water environment, such as Le Loi, Nguyen Hue, Le Quy Don, etc., implementing Green City project, including drainage system, sidewalks in Hue Citadel area; Huyen Tran Cong Chua and Bui Thi Xuan routes (from Long Tho bridge to Luong Quan village communal house).

After nearly 2 years of implementing the relocation of residents out of area I of Hue Citadel and investing in infrastructure of North Huong So residential area, up to now, the city has completed the migration of  the locals on Thuong Thanh area. Nearly 500 households have "settled down" on the new land, and poor households are supported to build houses with the "turnkey" method; the city has continued to deploy the relocation of the locals in the area of Eo Bau, Ho Thanh moat, Defensive route, etc.

This is a historic migration, ensuring the compensation and support policy in accordance with the policy framework approved by the Prime Minister and current regulations.

Urban utility enhancement

According to the City People's Committee Chairman Hoang Hai Minh, the infrastructure of the two riverside area and the central roads are gradually being completed, the city continues to invest in urban facilities in the form of socialization in the parks along the river banks, research and bring utilities into the park to meet the entertainment needs of the residents and visitors.

In the near future, the city will develop more projects on bicycle serving the needs of riding in the parks and on the walking paths along the river banks; embellish bus stations in a modern direction and gradually replace outdoor billboards with a modern and environmentally friendly LED screen system.

In Phu Xuan Park (from Phu Xuan Bridge to Da Vien Bridge), the roads connecting the inside of Ngan Gate, Quang Duc Gate and Nha Do Gate are being built, creating a connecting route from the monuments to the area along the two banks of the Huong river. The Ben Me area is focused on embellishing and building community bathing spots with a system of small parking spots for tourists.

Dong Ba market area on the river side will be arranged, embellished and cleaned with the aim of bringing the main facade of Dong Ba market facing the Huong River, and embellishing the market area on Tran Hung Dao Street to create a spacious and synchronous scenery.

The operation and putting into use of the network connecting the walkways along the Huong River, embellishing the central roads and investing in more urban utilities step by step implement the provincial projects, such as “Hue - the city of Four Seasons Flowers "," Green - Clean - Bright " towards more criteria of luxury and intelligence.

In the near future, the city continues to strengthen the lighting system of the 2 riverside areas to ensure appropriate brightness, change the color in lighting the park towards the criteria of uniformity, luxury, taking yellow and white as the main colors; grow flowers of four seasons along both banks of the river and connecting the pedestrian and bicycle path extending to the rest of the Huong river, from Da Vien bridge to Linh Mu pagoda.

Infrastructure completion

In the next 5 years, the city will focus on developing the landscape axis of the Huong river as the main urban one in the development of the city towards the sea. In which, re-planning the central urban space, investing in infrastructure associated with expanding the city boundary. Hue deserves to be a nuclear city when the whole province becomes a city directly under the Central Government according to Resolution 54-NQ / TW of the Politburo.

In the coming time, the city will focus on implementing major projects to complete the southern core area. It is expected that in October 2020, the project of upgrading and expanding Ha Noi road and the North-South underpass bridge (at Bui Thi Xuan street) project will be started; focusing on the walking paths and embankments along the two banks of the Huong River, from Da Vien Bridge to Linh Mu Pagoda.

In 2021, the city continues to start constructing the road behind Bui Thi Xuan street, the walkway along the Huong river, creating a smooth walking route from Linh Mu pagoda to Dong Ba market area; at the same time, to step by step create a walking - cycling route on both sides of the river, connecting Thuy Bieu area with Vong Canh hill.

Story and photo: Thanh Huong

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