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Hue University: Having Been Ready for the National Startup Festival

TTH.VN - The 5th national startup festival for students 2023 was held at Hue University on March 25 and 26. With large scale of organization, the festival this year will consisted of various important activities and Hue University was ready for each one.

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 The Center for Startup and Creativity of Hue University having a meeting and working session with volunteers

Great number of activities

Dr. Hoang Kim Toan, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Creativity of Hue University said that in addition to the opening ceremony, the 5th national startup festival for students included many main activities such as opening displaying space, exhibition of students’ startup projects, and of training institutes and sponsors; a forum to connect creative startup network with innovative startup centers; a seminar to assess practical situation and solutions for deploying the support for startup in high school; and the final round of the 5th contest “Students with startup ideas”, etc.

Furthermore, there were also a Hue food festival and the music performances, eloquence to inspire startup passion for students among delegations.

As for final round of the 5th contest of students with startup ideas, there were 50 ideas and projects of students from training institutes of various fields, from industry, product creation, Agriculture - Forestry - Fishery to education, tourism, service, finance, health, healthcare, beauty techniques, etc.

Furthermore, there were also the participation of 30 projects and ideas of students from secondary schools, high schools. Notably, the final round of the contest consisted of 2 consecutive stages in 2 days _ from March 25 to 26, including stage 1 was at the area of displaying stalls, and stage 2 was the presentation held at the final round at the hall.

The National Student Startup Festival is a large-scaled event to push up students’ startup spirit, helping them to change their mindset, awareness, go-getter spirit to make their startup ideas come true.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Education and Training, through the festival, the highly feasible startup ideas and projects would be selected to support and nurture and promote them to turn into startup businesses, contributing to training startup spirit in students, forming and imposing that spirit.

The festival also connects startup supporting units in educational institutions, suggesting new, creative, and effective solutions to push up the startup development in the students.

According to the representative of Hue University, before the day of festival, the Ministry of Education and Training had requested universities, academies, as well as the colleges of education to create favorable conditions for the school teams to participate in the event and prepare the contents and products to display in the stalls at the festival; spreading to students the information of festival activities, asking them to join the vote on festival’s media system.

Careful preparation

Dr. Hoang Kim Toan said that this is the first time that Hue University has been chosen to be the venue for the national startup festival of students. This is not only a great opportunity to upgrade the prestige and position of Hue University but it is also a chance to promote the images, people, culture, and beautiful landscapes of the Ancient Capital to delegates, officers, lecturers, and students of 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

The representative of Hue University informed that following the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Training, as a host, over the time, Hue University had carried out the preparation. Notably, Hue University had completed the corporation identify program and media publications, hanged up banners at many locations in Hue City.

Hue University had also worked with the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the National Innovation Center, other related organizations, and Google on the establishment of creative startup centers at member universities and colleges.

To ensure the supporting force throughout festival’s activities, up to then, Hue University had recruited 150 volunteer students to support the activities.

Furthermore, with a total of 80 spaces to display startup projects (selected from 508 ideas and projects registered to the organizing committee), together with many displaying stalls, as well as the space for events and seminars, Hue University had also closely collaborated with the Provincial People’s Committee and related units to prepare the material facilities, guaranteed the success of the festival.

Story and photo: Huu Phuc
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