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Launching the contest of plastic waste reduction

TTH.VN - On the morning of February 23, the project ‘Hue - A City to Reduce Plastics in Central Vietnam’ (sponsored by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Vietnam through WWF-Norway) and the Provincial Center for Innovative Startup officially launched the contest “Initiatives to reduce plastic waste - Hue 2023”. The contest was held with an aim to find innovative ideas to reduce plastic waste in Hue City.

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The leaders of Hue City and related department carrying out the ritual of launching the contest on the morning of February 23

The contest is designed to give opportunity for startup individuals, organizations, and enterprises nationwide to show people’s creativity and responsibility in digital era, contributing to the effort of reducing plastic waste in Hue City.

The contest desired to find and support projects with specific models/suggestions/ideas related to one in two contents: 3T solutions (reduce, reuse, and recycle) to lessen and reach the better handling and management in the problem of plastic waste in Hue City; upgrade and optimize plastic waste’s value into eco-friendly products.

Exchanging the models of plastic waste reduction on the side of the contest launching

Participating in the contest, individuals/groups will be trained and raised their ability through guidance and support programs from leading experts in the field of project incubation and management. 10 competing teams coming to the semi-final will be trained about 2 majors: one is about the models of project management and operation, and the other is about project financial management.

After the team doing presentations and arguments with the judges at the final round, the winning team will keep on receiving consultancy and support from experts to finish the model operation and management plan. The winning team will be chosen based on criteria related to financial management ability.

The contestants will go through 3 rounds of evaluation to choose the model of plastic waste reduction which is appropriate with the contest’s norms and applicable to Hue City.

The online applications will be received until the end of March 31, 2023 at:

The final round will be organized offline at Hue City in May, 2023. In this round, the judges can choose from 4 to 7 projects, depending on project scales to give the sponsorship, with the maximum budget for the implementation up to 500 million VND per project.

The representatives joining the launching ceremony and sharing their experiences for better contest implementation

According to Mrs. Hoang Ngoc Tuong Van, Manager of the project ‘Hue - A City to Reduce Plastics in Central Vietnam’ said that Hue is striving to become a smart city. Therefore, the factor of technology, especially that in waste management will be an important key to build up Hue into an urban of plastic reduction.

The solutions/initiatives from the contest will contribute to the effort of enhancing recycle and reducing plastic waste, as well as completing management system based on waste classification.

By Song Minh

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