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Hue City: Promoting creativity and young startups

TTH.VN - Many young entrepreneurs in Hue are promoting their pioneering spirit, taking advantage of technology and knowledge to create new values for businesses.

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 Young businesses introducing products at the trade connection program organized by the Provincial Young Entrepreneurs Association

Creating new value

Next year's revenue and profit are higher than those of the previous year, creating jobs and stable income for many workers, products achieving 4-star OCOP, etc., are the highlights that help young businessman Le Van Loc, Director of Co., Ltd. Production and Trade of Hue Anna's Bird's Nest reached the top 100 excellent young entrepreneurs in 2023, commended by the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association.

Currently, Mr. Loc is preparing to expand the raw material area for bird nest farming to expand his production and business model. CEO Le Van Loc affirmed that without innovation, producing product lines that are both good and beautiful will not be able to conquer today's savvy consumers. Therefore, from input materials to output products, his company always ensures the most rigorous processes.

Mr. Loc shared that he clearly understands the adaptive characteristics of the bird's nest species. He designed a modern birdhouse system with automatic sound installation equipment to attract the bird's nest to live and nest. In addition, the company also invests in a suitable humidifier to create an ideal living environment to ensure the health of the birds.

In the bird's nest processing process, his company is applying the production chain according to ISO 2200:2018 standards. With bird's nest soup products packaged in glass jars, the company applies sterilization and distillation at high pressure and temperature to destroy bacteria and safely increase shelf-life. For bird's nest products that are dried and pressed into molds like the original shape, after harvest, impurities are removed by soaking the bird's nest with treated water to remove microorganisms and bird fluff. "This process ensures hygiene and safety while preserving the flavor of bird's nest," Mr. Le Van Loc shared.

Not only young businessman Le Van Loc, many other young entrepreneurs in the province have also brought into play their youth, taken advantage of opportunities, and overcome difficulties and challenges to start a business.

Daring to step out of his comfort zone, the young man Nguyen Van Lam gave up his stable job to establish Song Nguyen Furniture Co., Ltd., specializing in consulting, designing, and providing smart, modern equipment for interior furniture 8 years ago. Although he had researched thoroughly the field he was pursuing, in the early stages of starting his business, he also encountered many difficulties.

“The most difficult thing for me at that time was convincing customers to trust the company's products, changing the customer's perception of pressed wood products. They misunderstood the previous poor quality pressed wood line. But with perseverance, and proof of the quality of the products the company provides, we have been able to do it," said Mr. Lam. At that time, the company established a website, YouTube channel, fanpage, hotline, etc., taking advantage of the e-commerce channel to promote products. Currently, Song Nguyen Furniture Co., Ltd. is increasingly being affirmed in the market.

Returning to her country after earning a master's degree in Thailand, Le Thi Anh Thu, CEO of HUEFARM Research and Development Co., Ltd. created new values from indigenous resources, conquering many startup competitions. She launched new products from oyster such as oyster floss, oysters braised with lemongrass and chili, oyster powder, etc.

In addition, young businesswoman Le Anh Thu also researches and invests in modern technology, freezes ingredients to make mussel noodles to take away. "With this freeze-drying technology, whether at home or abroad, if you want to eat mussel noodles or mussel rice, you can make it yourselves," CEO Le Thi Anh Thu said proudly.

 Manufactured at HUEFARM Research and Development Company Limited of young CEO Le Thi Anh Thu

Supporting the development

According to Mr. Tran Duc Minh, Chairman of the Provincial Young Entrepreneurs Association, starting a business has no age limit, but as a Young Entrepreneurs Association, we still want our members to be pioneer entrepreneurs in this field. To accompany, throughout the action program, the Provincial Young Entrepreneurs Association always prioritizes activities to support and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among members in particular and the business community in general. The Young Entrepreneurs Association established a start-up club to serve as a place to meet start-ups, helping them share experiences in realizing ideas.

Workshops and training courses related to the topic of innovative startups for members and entrepreneurs in the province such as "Application of information technology in innovative startups", "Innovative enterprises towards sustainable development”, etc., were also actively coordinated by the Young Entrepreneurs Association.

Mr. Tran Duc Minh said, “We want to create a supportive environment for young people who want to start a business in Hue, helping members quickly connect with experts, investors, and authorities to help startup projects become practical and effective. At the same time, equip the young generation of entrepreneurs with new, creative, breakthrough and expanded thinking and knowledge through sharing, learning and self-study.

At the program to meet the team of young entrepreneurs organized by the Provincial Young Entrepreneurs Association at the end of March, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Phan Ngoc Tho expected that the team of young entrepreneurs in the province needs to promote the intellectual thinking of young people. Young entrepreneurs in the province are the leading force in applying modern technology, developing the digital economy, and the semiconductor industry; It is necessary to have open thinking and build breakthrough production and business models associated with the strengths and specific characteristics of the province; taking the measure of conquering and expanding the market for the product as a business development goal.

Story and photos: HAI THUAN
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