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Lighting the spring

TTH.VN - At this time of the year, going down to Phu Mau, Phu Thuong (Phu Vang), Thuy Thanh, Thuy Van (Huong Thuy), Vy Da (Hue City) ... the image of chrysanthemum gardens of the farmers is lighted, making the scene shimmering at night. This is one of the most important steps in flower care, determining the capacity of the crop in each Tet season.

Hue lotusApricot blossom village of Dien HoaCaring for apricot blossoms to welcome TetViewing grapefruit flowers in March

Crystal chrysanthemum is best known for every occasion of spring and Tet holidays. To get the beautiful crystal chrysanthemum blooming on the occasion of Tet holidays requires a quite long process of planting and caring. Here is the process to plant and care for crystal chrysanthemum to bloom on the occasion of Tet.

After planting crystal chrysanthemum for about a week, lights are hung for the flowers for about a month. And every two beds of flower, people should hang a row of light with the most suitable average height being about 1m.

Mr. Sinh in Thuy Van commune is fitting the lights over his chrysanthemum garden with more than 1000 pots of flowers

Mr. Dat in Da Le village is watering his crystal chrysanthemum garden. The watering is a very important step, determining the chrysanthemum to bloom on the occasion of Tet.

Flower pots are prepared to put the flowers into

The light bulbs are lighted at 6 p.m. everyday

Farmers care for chrysanthemums all day and night. Each year, they only expect to make a profit from them on the occasion of Tet

The flower beds are more sparkling under the lights

When the chrysanthemum reaches the height of 20 - 30 cm, farmers plug in the poles to make trellis to keep the chrysanthemum straight up. As the chrysanthemum grows, the net is gradually raised according to its height

From above, the crystal chrysanthemum gardens in Da Le village, Thuy Van commune are truly sparkling

And when the spring comes, the crystal chrysanthemum will appear on every street to welcome a new spring with many families.

By Le Huy Hoang Hai

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