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Pure beauty with epoxy resin bracelets

TTH.VN - Hoang Linh, a passionate epoxy resin enthusiast, not only crafts stunning handmade products but also makes charming bracelets made from dried flowers and leaves.

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 Dried flowers are carefully arranged into bracelet molds


Gently picking up a dried daisy, Hoang Linh delicately places it into a silicone bracelet mold. While not overly challenging, this task demands precision and appropriate arrangement to ensure that when the mold is poured, the dried flowers, leaves, and grasses will showcase their pure beauty.

Hoang Linh shares, "My main job is a nine-to-five one, but my passion for epoxy resin came unexpectedly when I caught a sight of images of epoxy resin necklaces on a website. I still remember vividly the refreshing feeling when looking at them, and for almost a year now, I've been creating handmade products from epoxy resin myself."

 Epoxy resin flower and leaf bracelets offer a refreshing, gentle sensation.

Not being strange to crafting enthusiasts, epoxy resin is an industrial plastic known for its high durability, electrical resistance, and excellent water resistance. With its transparency and ease of use, epoxy resin is an essential material for creating exquisite handmade products such as clocks, decorative tables, and lamps. In the future, the applications of epoxy resin may expand to include jewelry or small decorative items.

Creating epoxy resin bracelets is not overly difficult. However, each bracelet carries its own personality and style, influenced by the color blending and intentions of the creator embedded into each leaf and petal. Therefore, when a perfect bracelet is crafted, from layout and color blending to arranging the flowers and leaves, meticulous calculation is essential.


In addition to continuously learning about color blending, Hoang Linh always seeks out suitable types of dried flowers and leaves that convey the desired message. “On International Women's Day March 8th, I continued to fulfill orders for epoxy resin flower and grass bracelets. Not only does each type of flower and leaf let out personal preferences and colors, but it also carries its own significance. When gathered in a bracelet, they are not just the breath of nature or plants but also the sentiments, the messages of love conveyed to the recipient of this gift,” shared Linh.

Most interestingly, this young woman also made dried flowers and leaves (prioritizing locally available varieties) herself to use. "I have explored and used familiar flowers such as white cockscomb, mini daisies, butterfly flowers, pentas, ferns, and various types of wild grass. After being pressed, the colors of the flowers and leaves may fade compared to those of when fresh; but; in return, those soft, gentle hues bring a refreshing, delicate sensation and high durability.", explained Linh.

Typically, each dried flower bracelet takes between 12 to 15 hours to fully solidify. And the cost of each bracelet ranges from 100,000 to 200,000 VND. Thanks to their beautiful, unique, and meaningfulness, the young woman's bracelets have become a popular choice among many customers.

Tuyet Trinh, a customer, shared that when holding the bracelet, she was pleasantly surprised by its reasonable price. Her sister loves nature, flowers, and leaves. So, she thought that when receiving this gift, her sister would surely be delighted to see each adorable petal and leaf clearly in the bracelet.

Not only making gift products and decorations, Hoang Linh also plans to open workshops on making flower and grass epoxy resin bracelets and rings. By spreading her passion for handmade products, the young woman hopes to incorporate the leaves and petals of her homeland into each creation.

Hoang Linh expressed, "I hope that whenever customers see these products, they would give  these people a sense of freshness and purity of the flowers and leaves within each transparent epoxy resin bracelet. Who knows, the gentle and refreshing sensations from natural leaves and flowers may bring sweet and peaceful joy, especially on special occasions like these."

Story and photos: Mai Hue - Hoang Linh
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