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Looking forwards to Tet

TTH.VN - Recent long-distance calls from my mother have been livelier than ever. Just yesterday, my sister-in-law showed her how to send photos via Zalo, resulting in a morning filled with constant phone messages. As I opened them, I discovered that in my hometown, the preparations for Tet (Lunar New Year) have been going on for over a month.

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 Looking forwards to Tet

In the photos, everyone was busy digging soil and making beds in the gardens in front of our house. Bags of seeds of coriander, mustard, lettuce, amaranth and crown daisy, saved by my mother from the previous season, were now being scattered, ready to sprout. Grandparents, parents, younger brother, sister-in-law, and a few grandchildren prancing around, leaving their marks in the garden, everyone engaged in both work and cheerful conversations. The warmth of the family always vividly evoked the feeling of spring.

There is still lots of land in my village, but only families with elders can maintain harmonious gardens brimming with greenery and fruit trees. People in rural areas are eagerly preparing for Tet, continuously plowing and weeding their plots. During this time, kitchens are also bustling with cooking and baking. Watching the smoke rising and people coming in and out through the side doors and the water moat, I could almost sense the delightful fragrances. Traditional cakes, candies, and candied fruits, though prepared with unchanged recipes, always arouse the taste buds every year around this time.

In the countryside, the leisurely days at the end of the year with less agricultural activities intensify the looking forward to Tet, while in urban areas, it quietly infiltrates the thoughts and considerations of many people. Men in the family work overtime to bring home money for their wives and mothers. The faces of women exude an air of thoughtfulness as they plan and rearrange expenses, gifts, and visits, which will span over a week of holidays.

I still remember, at the end of the last year, or the year before, and even in the meetings last month, whenever my close friend and I met, we would automatically utter the catchphrase: “Nowadays only children enjoy Tet; adults just deal with preparations and fatigue - what's there to look forward to?”. Despite such declarations, our conversations would eventually return to Tet-related emotions. We talked about how many new outfits we would buy for the children this year, whether to get new shoes for the husbands, which flowers to display, where to buy the most delicious cakes, giò thủ (Vietnamese pig head “cheese”), chả lụa (Vietnamese pork sausage), and fruits with reliable sources for quality while having reasonable prices. Indeed, whether in abundance or hardship, every family strives to create a Tet that aligns with their own standards.

The winter mornings now feel crisp, and as noon approaches, the warm sunlight fills every corner. The scent of incense wafts from a familiar shop unintentionally triggers memories of New Year's Eve when we gathered, exchanging heartfelt wishes.

Tet is not just a pre-set program; it's an expectation, a rendezvous of family ties when everyone's heart is eager, vividly imagining the upcoming festivities.

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