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The revival journey of three organ transplant patients across Vietnam.

TTH.VN - From Vietnam - Sweden Hospital in Uong Bi, Quang Ninh, 3 donated organs were transported to Hue and transplanted into 3 patients on April 2nd. This marks another record for Hue Central Hospital in cross-Vietnam organ transplantation. Thua Thien Hue Online has documented the speedy journey and efforts to save the lives of patients.

Saving a 4 years-old patient with autologous stem cell transplantationTraining on hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation techniques for 90 doctors nationwide

 The group of heart transplant for patient having severe heart failure with organ donated from Quang Ninh

An urgent night meeting, deploying a "mighty" team to Quang Ninh to retrieve organs, with constant movement that calculate every minute and second... These are what Hue Central Hospital implemented in the three cross-Viet organ transplant operations.

Although organ transplantation at Hue Central Hospital has become routine with over 1,800 cases; however, each transplant presents unique disease with challenges the expert team must face. One heart-transplant patient experienced cardiac arrest twice, having severe heart failure with an ejection fraction (EF) of only 18%. A pediatric liver-transplant recipient had liver fibrosis due to biliary atresia and was unresponsive to treatment. Alongside the liver transplant team from Military Central Hospital 108, led by Associate Professor Le Van Thanh, the liver transplant operation for the pediatric patient was successfully carried out for the first time.

After moments filled with uncertainty, challenges, overcoming the pressures of space and time, three organ transplant patients are gradually recovering and continue to be monitored and cared for.

Let's review with Thua Thien Hue Online the "rebirth" journey for patients with organ failure teetering on the brink of life and death:

 Online meeting on the evening of March 31 immediately after the call from the National Organ Coordination Center
 The units convened to discuss the surgical plan for organ retrieval at the Vietnam - Sweden Uong Bi Hospital in Quang Ninh province
 Bringing the three donated organs, with matched parameter to the patients in Hue, into special preservation containers
 The ambulance took Hue Central Hospital crew to Noi Bai airport
 Racing with time, bringing organs from the airport to Hue Central Hospital
 Director of Hue Central Hospital Pham Nhu Hiep (middle) with Associate Professor, Dr. Le Van Thanh (far right) monitors the first liver transplant team for a pediatric patient
 Ultrasound checking the heart condition before closing the chest for transplant patients
 The kidney transplant team simultaneously performed surgery on another patient
 Monitoring the patient's health after liver transplant on the evening of April 5
 Mrs. La Thi B. looking at her child - a patient who received a heart transplant through Vietnam this time in ICU room
 Specialist Level II - Doctor Dang The Uyen, Deputy Director of the Cardiovascular Center, Head of the Department of Anesthesia and Cardiovascular Resuscitation talked to the patient, encouraging him to exercise after heart transplant
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