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Variations from Zèng fabric

TTH.VN - Currently, A Luoi locals have been creating many small and fashionable products to serve customers' needs from Zèng fabric, which is usually only used to sew shirts, skirts, and loincloths.

Aza Kooh green brocade & new journey of Zeng weavingBringing Zeng onto Hue ao dai

Hair beauty accessories made from Zèng fabric

It takes a lot of time and effort to weave a piece of Zèng fabric with patterns.

As the leftover fabric after sewing traditional costumes of ethnic minorities is wasted, some people take advantage of it to make bags, purses, hair clips, hair bands, and earrings, etc. The price of each item ranges from a few tens of thousands to 200,000 VND depending on its quality and design. These products are very popular in the market; especially, they meet the needs of visitors.

Thanks to these small, fashion, and affordable products, the craft of making them both creates additional income and contributes to diversify products from the traditional Zèng fabric in A Luoi. These products are available at A Luoi fair, some homestays, or at the address of 48 Bac Son, A Luoi Town.

Following are some photos of the process of making these products and visitors buying them, taken by Thua Thien Hue Online:

Arel Thuy Linh and her husband making the craft products in their spare time

The leftover fabric, taken from tailor shops, is made into many products based on its color and pattern

Some additional accessories are ordered, along with fabric and beads

Colorful hair bands

Many beautiful earrings for women

A shoulder bag made from a piece of traditional Zèng fabric

"A bear wearing Zèng clothing", a cute variation serving visitors

Customers can buy these products at A Luoi fair, town market, and homestays, etc.

A shawl woven from threads at Quang Nham Zèng Cooperative

Belts, matching with modern dresses, are chosen by many visitors


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