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"Capital City Light" and Vietnamese traditional costumes

TTH.VN - In the green space of Da:me space coffee, an offline event with the theme "Ánh sáng kinh đô" (Capital City Light) for both professional and amateur photographers from Hue took place. The special guest of this event was Mr. Doan Quang, an experienced photographer of Hue origin who is currently working and living in Da Nang.

La Quoc Bao - passion for reviving Nguyen dynasty costumes“Checking-in” the Imperial Citadel with ancient costumes

 Photographers had the opportunity to practice directly with models

Looking at the photos taken by Doan Quang, I thought he would have the rugged, rough appearance of an artist, but in reality, he is very gentle, friendly with a constant smile on his lips. Doan Quang spent 7 years working in Saigon before choosing Da Nang as his home. He pursues three main genres of photography: portraits, fashion, and artistic photography.

Doan Quang is very passionate about his profession. Before taking a series of photos, he thoroughly researches the location, spends time finding suitable models, and engages in conversations to connect and understand the subjects. "In photography, understanding people is more important than understanding the camera," is the career advice that he values the most. Doan Quang has gained the trust of many big brands such as Vespa, Traveloka, Sun Group, Vivo, Huawei... to collaborate on creating vibrant commercial photos.

"Capital City Light" is the result of the labor of the Canon Vietnam team and Anh Duc Digital with an attractive program framework: Sharing photos taken on sunny and rainy days in the ancient capital, using light to create impressive images, experiencing the EOS R camera system and the latest RF lenses, practicing model photography with professional lighting setups. The program attracted the attention of over 100 photographers and young enthusiasts from Hue who are passionate about this artistic field.

The highlight of this event was the techniques and secrets of photographing traditional costumes in Hue. The ancient capital with its Imperial City, tombs, pagodas... provides a fertile ground for photographers to creatively capture images with a strong traditional style. Vietnamese costume photography is a hot trend among young people, with exquisite traditional costumes even appearing in music videos, movies, receiving praise from cultural researchers and international tourists.

Doan Quang introduced his collection of Vietnamese costume photos with his most cherished images. He shared techniques for organizing light, creating contrasts to enhance the traditional beauty of people and costumes, utilizing natural light, especially the twilight light to evoke emotions in the photos, arranging compositions and props harmoniously, both cost-effective and expressing the nostalgia of the photos, creating visually impactful art, and sharing experiences of taking photos under the rain...

It was truly interesting when photographers had the opportunity to practice directly with models under the guidance of photographer Doan Quang, resulting in many beautiful and unique photos. "Capital City Light" not only helps to bond and provide a playground for the photography community in Hue but also has a media effect, contributing to the dissemination of the beauty of ethnic culture.

Story and photo: Thuc Dan
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