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Implementing solutions to assess the competitiveness of departments, branches, localities

TTH.VN - Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Mr. Phan Ngoc Tho has just issued a letter calling for enterprises (including cooperatives and individual business households) to participate in a survey to assess the Department and District Competitiveness Index (DDCI) in 2018 via website at, post or directly at the enterprises.

The meeting ‘The Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee accompanies the enterprises’ attracts more than 300 enterprisesDepartments, branches, localities: Competitiveness index to be evaluated

The DDCI is a set of indexes that assesses and ranks departments, branches, localities on the quality of economic governance and their contribution to the creation of a favorable business environment for the development of enterprises.

In 2018, the Provincial People's Committee has officially implemented the set of DDCI through comments, assessments and feedback of the business community in the province. This is an important basis for the Provincial People's Committee to evaluate the effectiveness of departments, branches and district-level People's Committees, so as to develop an administration accompanying and supporting enterprises in all areas.

The survey helps to promote the voice of the enterprises, carry out the roles of supervising the provincial economic governance activities, and make provincial agencies and units to reform and improve the quality of services, contributing to the improvement of the investment and business environment, enhancing the competitiveness of the province.


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Cooperating in implementing green transport project in relic area

With the goal of building environmentally friendly Green Transport infrastructure, in line with the overall economic development orientation of the province in the period 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2050, on June 14, Hue Monuments Conservation Center and Gbike Co., Ltd. (South Korea) signed a cooperation agreement to implement a green transport project in the relic area to exploit and promote the values of Hue relics.

Cooperating in implementing green transport project in relic area
Tourism stimulus solutions

In 2023, tourism activities in the area of Hue City have recovered and shown good growth. The number of tourists visiting Hue has increased significantly, especially international tourists, leading to a substantial rise in the overall retail sales of goods and services. This contributed to Hue City achieving and surpassing all 12 economic and social targets for the year.

Tourism stimulus solutions
Opening the exhibition of typical digital technology platforms and solutions

In the framework of Hue Digital Transformation Week 2023 – “Creating digital data – promoting regional connectivity” held by the Provincial People’s Committee in collaboration with the Vietnam Software & IT Services Association (VINASA), the opening ceremony of the exhibition featuring typical digital technology platforms and solutions took place on the morning of December 14 at Song Huong Theater.

Opening the exhibition of typical digital technology platforms and solutions
Hue City: Many solutions to build centrally-run city implemented

A host of environmental problems, urban embellishment, traffic pressure, and traffic network planning need radical and appropriate solutions. The face of a civilized and modern city is what the province is aiming for in the process of building a centrally-run city.

Hue City Many solutions to build centrally-run city implemented
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