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SOS Children’s Village taught swimming for free

TTH.VN - On the morning of July 13, the provincial Youth Activity Center held the opening ceremony of “Free swimming class for children in 2022” at its swimming pool.

Hue Help continues to support the project “Swimming for Safety” for students in HueSwimming in Huong river on summer

The course helps children improve their awareness and skills about drowning prevention

The free swimming class consists of 15 sessions lasting for more than 3 weeks (expected to end at the end of July) for 35 children from SOS Hue Children's Village. They will be imparted basic knowledge and skills to ensure safety, avoid drowning, as well as skills to swim and give first aid when in danger.

Teaching swimming for free is an annual activity implemented by the provincial Youth Activity Center to promote the movement of swimming and physical training for children and contribute to reducing accidents and injuries for children. During the summer of this year, the Center will continue to coordinate with other units to organize more free swimming classes.

By Minh Nguyen


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Interesting Vung Thung Spring

While Ba Trai and Hop Hai springs bring fresh and cool feelings, Vung Thung, one of the springs of the magnificent Bach Ma mountain is attractive with the huge and clear natural “swimming pool”, which is suitable for tourists in love with swimming.

Interesting Vung Thung Spring
"Hide-away" at Vinh Thanh sea

If you say "escape", some people won’t like it as it sounds like there is something not good. I like it still, as it evokes curiosity to be discovered because going to the sea is not just swimming only!

Hide-away at Vinh Thanh sea
SUP surfing and swimming for cooling off on Huong River

Previously, due to the regulations for COVID-19 pandemic prevention, many people could not come to the area of the Huong River to swim or to go jogging in the park. From our observations, people often choose the section from Da Vien Bridge to Phu Xuan Bridge on the Huong River for surfing SUP and swimming.

SUP surfing and swimming for cooling off on Huong River
Rowing SUP and swimming in the Perfume River

Hundreds of people in Hue City and from surrounding areas have poured to the Perfume River to cool down by rowing SUP (Standup Paddle Board) or swimming in the river.

Rowing SUP and swimming in the Perfume River
100 contestants attended the Youth Dance Festival

The Youth Dance Festival - Hue Street Dancing III in 2019, organized by the Youth Activity Center on the evening of June 29 took place at the pedestrian street of Hue (at Chu Van An - Pham Ngu crossroads) with the participation of more than 100 contestants from provinces across the country.

100 contestants attended the Youth Dance Festival
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