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Moments of the days leading up to Tet

TTH.VN - The period before Tet is always the busiest and also the most memorable time of a year.

Bustling Tet atmosphere"December" of lunar year is coming…

The rainy and cold weather in Hue this year makes it harder for many workers.

In the first days of the new year, we invite you to look back at the bustling moments of the days leading up to Tet through the photo reportage by Trung Phan, the photographer. In the reportage, even under the cold and rainy weather, there are still excitement, joyfulness and eagerness waiting for the new spring to come.

Workers were rushing to complete Tet decoration

Workers of Hue Urban Environment and Public Works Joint Stock Company (HEPCO) cleaned Trang Tien Bridge in the night to welcome Tet

Cleaning house to welcome Tet

Betel and areca, and bananas were sold everywhere

Bustling atmosphere at a stall selling Tet confectionery in Dong Ba Market

Thanh Tien paper flowers were carefully wrapped to avoid getting wet by the rain

Racing against time to catch up with the Tet holiday

People chose and bought yellow apricot trees under the rain

The locals of Phu Mau sold flowers on Chi Lang Street

The Dap cake, a typical cake of My Loi Village, was made over night to keep up with the set schedule. This is also an indispensable dish during Tet

The banana leaves were carefully prepared and sold to wrap Banh Tet

Chuon Village’s Banh Tet were rushed to be completed in time to deliver to customers

A group of friends posed for photos to celebrate Tet

By Hue News

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Tet of Overseas Vietnamese

As the Tet holiday approaches, many Vietnamese people living far from their homeland still feel the eager atmosphere. Some feel excited when returning to their homeland, while many families enjoy celebrating Vietnamese Tet in foreign lands.

Tet of Overseas Vietnamese
Tourist numbers to Hue surge during Tet

The Department of Tourism has reported that during the Giap Thin Lunar New Year (Year of the Dragon), the number of tourists visiting Hue for sightseeing and experiences has significantly increased compared to that of the same period in 2023, with many accommodation facilities fully booked during the festive days.

Tourist numbers to Hue surge during Tet
Flowers on Tet holiday

In the days leading up to the Lunar New Year, Hue City becomes extremely bustling as flowers appear everywhere.

Flowers on Tet holiday
Solemn "Dang Tien Huong Xuan" procession

This activity has just been organized by the Organizing Committee of the “Tet Hue” program in collaboration with Hue Monuments Conservation Center on February 4.

Solemn Dang Tien Huong Xuan procession
The Giap Thin Spring Festival 2024 launched

On the afternoon of February 3, at the Square in front of Quoc Hoc High School for the Gifted, Hue City People's Committee held the opening ceremony of the Giap Thin Spring Festival 2024.

The Giap Thin Spring Festival 2024 launched
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