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Developing high-quality tourism human resources for Hue

TTH.VN - High-quality human resources represent the destination's capacity, scale and service quality. This is what Hue tourism is focusing on for the new development period.

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Human resources in reception positions at 4-5 star hotels also need to be identified as high-quality human resources

Changing the approach

Hue tourism in particular and the whole country, in general, are short of many positions that are considered high-quality human resources; or when there are new services, the outreach team is not available.

According to a recent analysis by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, high-quality human resources are the workforce involved in the tourism development process, including direct and indirect human resources. Besides those working in the State management agencies on tourism, non-business tourism units, enterprises, and tourism service business establishments, indirect human resources are the part of human resources working in industries and processes related to tourism activities such as culture, customs, traffic, import and export, agriculture, industry, commerce, public service, environment, post and telecommunications, and the residential community...

Tourism human resources with relatively wide coverage and high quality not only affect and play a decisive role in the development of tourism, but also contribute significantly to the development of other related industries and fields.

In another approach of experts, in the past, traditional forms of tourism were basic, including those associated with sightseeing, experience, convalescence and entertainment. Currently, many new tourism products are being formed and developed to meet the increasing demands of all types of tourists. These can be mentioned as the trend of adventure tourism, smart tourism, creative tourism, working tourism, well-being tourism and health care tourism in the aftermath of the pandemic...

The trend of digitalization will profoundly change the methods of tourism management, business and consumption. This requires human resources with richer and more comprehensive capabilities in terms of knowledge, expertise, skills, foreign languages...

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Director of the Department of Tourism, said that the human resources of Hue tourism industry include not only the managers but also all parts of the 4-5 star accommodation establishments, the workers serving in areas related to smart tourism, MICE tourism, golf tourism... All these are considered as those that need high-quality human resources.

Like in the current period, when Hue organizes many festivals to develop tourism, it can be seen that Hue has to outsource the team participating in the organization, such as directors, sound and lighting… Therefore, it is necessary to have high-quality human resources in charge of the role of the organizers.

Golf service workers need to be identified as high-quality human resources

Synchronized solution

According to Hue Tourism College, due to the recruitment demand for labor, the employment rate of new graduates reaches nearly 100%, but the laborers staying in Hue to work only account for 10%. There is an indicator to evaluate whether the market is in need of quality human resources or not; that is the growth in the number of high-end resorts, or large hotels. In Hue, the number of large-scale destinations formed is limited, and the demand for labor recruitment is low.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Hue had more than 14,000 direct employees in the tourism sector and more than 30,000 indirect employees. The worry is that many senior and mid-level employees in the industry have now settled into new jobs. The "bleeding" of human resources has happened for many years, and now it is even more serious. The pandemic is also a milestone in assessing a new development cycle for the ancient capital's tourism industry, for new solutions, and for improving the quality of human resources.

According to experts, to evaluate the sustainable development of a destination, in addition to products, human resources must be examined. Good quality service always requires a system of management, operation, and service that must be professional and of high quality. Large businesses often hire competent executives to run them. Famous managers who are recruited for a certain destination also contribute to the branding of the destination.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc said that the province is currently developing a project on developing high-quality human resources, including tourism. Accordingly, many solutions will be deployed synchronously.

The province will continue to improve the system of policies and management mechanisms on human resource development, creating favorable conditions to promote the development of tourism human resources, ensuring consistency, quality, and efficiency to meet the requirements of development and integration.

In addition to on-the-job training, Hue will attract more high-quality resources from other places, especially successful Hue people who return to contribute to their homeland. Training institutions need to invite leading experts to Hue to teach.

For businesses, there should be a good salary policy for high-quality human resources. The State will also have a partial tax exemption policy for businesses to use that funding to attract and retain high-quality human resources.

According to Mr. Phuc, the industry will focus on creating more jobs for tourism workers by calling for investment, encouraging tourism businesses to make new investments, expanding business scale, diversifying types of tourism services, forming many new routes and tourist attractions systematically, and make connection within the locality and with the region. It is also essential to connect training with the plan for labor use of each locality in the province, especially the key tourist areas of the province, such as Hue city, Phu Vang, and Phu Loc districts.

Mr. Vu Hoai Phuong, Rector of Hue Tourism College, said that it is necessary to focus on developing tourism lecturers and trainers in sufficient quantity, reasonable in structure, and of standard quality to meet the training demand, increasing the scale and improving the quality and effectiveness of human resource education and training in the tourism industry. Qualified scientists, entrepreneurs, and experts should be invited to participate in the training. In addition, the team of appraisers, supervisors, and tourism trainers must continue to be trained. This team should be used effectively in training human resources in the tourism industry according to the needs of society.

Story and photos: Quang Sang

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