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Excited with team building activities

TTH.VN - On the white sands along the beaches, groups of friends, agencies and businesses are enjoying a series of fun activities together. Summer becomes exciting with team building tours, bonding teamwork in a new land.

Unique team building in A NôrUnique and distinct team building on the Huong River

 Enterprises organizing for employees to go on a trip combined with team building

 Exciting summer

Staying in Lang Co for two days, I met many groups of tourists participating in a series of fun activities on the beach. Laughter and cheers made the whole beach bustling. Two of the groups that I had the opportunity to talk to were a group of friends who were having a class meeting and a business that combined a 6-month review with organizing entertainment and relaxation for employees.

Team building tourism is no longer an unfamiliar trend in recent years, especially in the summer. Team building is a series of fun activities for team members. A team building program can include team games, resort travel, dinner parties of members of a collective, team, or company.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thanh, Director of Dai Bang (Eagle) Tourism Joint Stock Company - a unit that regularly organizes team building tours, said that the demand of delegations playing team building this year is quite large, from the agency, enterprises to associations and groups with many people. They expect to be able to bond together through exciting games in travel trips.

Currently, there are many forms of organizing team building tours, including indoor team building tours (usually held in the hall, in the lobby, or in a covered space) and outdoor team building tours (held at beaches, resorts, or in highland destinations).


Tran Thanh Hai, a tourist experiencing team building activities on Thuan An beach shared that when organizing team building outdoors, people can create a lot of games, especially games with speed or actions.

Outdoor team building now develops with many forms. Two of the current forms of team building that are also chosen by many agencies, businesses and groups are team building campfires and team building sports days; in which, the team building tour program on sports day is one of the most chosen forms of team building to organize. The advantage of team building in the style of a sports festival is that it can be organized on a large scale. The number of participants can be up to hundreds of people.

To stir up the summer, many units also choose new forms of team building, including military team building, with games and discipline like in a military environment. The military team building unit can train employees in the spirit of military discipline, absolute seriousness, thereby training skills for employees to help the unit develop strongly.

Connecting and training

The form of team building tourism has been exploited since the 1960s, aiming to connect mutual spirits and create tours with strong solidarity. That is clearly shown in the interaction between individuals and groups through games that require high teamwork, creating a unique attraction. In Hue, in particular, and in Vietnam, in general, only in recent years has this type of team building really become a "hot" trend, applied by many businesses to increase the close connection between members of the company.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, manager of a business in Da Nang who has organized team building in Lang Co many times, shared that team building games are not only for members to have moments of relaxation after stressful working hours, but are also an extremely effective method to increase team morale and improve team performance.

Currently, in companies or organizations, members are looking forward to the annual team building program and see this as a motivation to improve work morale and increase performance.

During the participation process, members in agencies, businesses, and groups will experience many different states, from the process of starting, dividing positions, interacting with each other and finally reaching the state of cohesion and mutual understanding in group activities.

Currently, through building a sympathetic cultural environment, close to nature and through nature, each person has a deeper understanding of himself, his colleagues, and the surrounding environment. Team building is also a solution for businesses, associations and groups to achieve this.

Story and photos: Huu Phuc


Brilliant colors of flamboyant flowers in the summer

Hue puts on the most brilliant red shirt of flamboyant flowers in late June and early July. The roads, street corners, and rice fields are all adorned with the fiery colors of flamboyant flowers. That red color gives Hue a brilliant and captivating beauty.

Brilliant colors of flamboyant flowers in the summer
Domestic Tours, Road Travel "On the Rise”

Faced with the pressure of the price of domestic airfares increased, this summer's peak travel season is predicted to see the trend in which domestic tours and road travel are "on the rise."

Domestic Tours, Road Travel On the Rise”
Summer activities and the Month of action for children in 2024 launched

On the evening of May 31, Hue City's Youth Union coordinated with Hue Children's House to organize the opening ceremony of summer activities and the launching ceremony of the Month of action for children, as well as awarding prizes for a writing contest themed “Pens of the young ages”, and an English video clip contest themed “I am a tour guide” in 2024.

Summer activities and the Month of action for children in 2024 launched
Opening ceremony of “Thuan An - Call of the sea” festival

On the evening of April 29th, at Thuan An beach, Thuan An ward, the People's Committee of Hue City organized the opening ceremony of “Thuan An – Call of the sea” festival 2024. The event was attended by Mr. Phan Thien Dinh, Member of the Standing Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the City Party Committee, and Chairman of the City People's Council; city leaders; departments, agencies, units, enterprises; as well as domestic and international tourists.

Opening ceremony of “Thuan An - Call of the sea” festival
Going to the beach to "hunt" for stone crabs

Diving right at the foot of the coastal rock embankment in Giang Hai commune (Phu Loc), precisely at the moment when the waves had not yet reached, Mr. Hung extended his hands into every crevice. In just a moment, he firmly held in his hand a stone crab (Gecarcoidea) with its two large claws.

Going to the beach to hunt for stone crabs
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