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International newspapers suggest the best time to visit Vietnam

TTH.VN - The author of the article, Chris Schalkx, believes that all months of the year are suitable for visiting Vietnam.

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The CnTraveller website suggests that if travellers are planning a trip to Vietnam, a country located in Southeast Asia, they should find out the best time of the year to visit, specifically for destinations on their itinerary, including Hanoi capital and Ho Chi Minh City, central beaches, or the islands of Ha Long Bay.

 Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Photo: Christian Berg

The author of the article, Chris Schalkx, suggests that there is never a bad time to visit Vietnam. "It depends on where you're going, whether it's the northern mountains or the palm-fringed beaches in the south stretching over 1,500 kilometers; each region offers a different climate experience," writes author Chris Schalkx.

According to the author, admiring the beautiful terraced rice fields in Sapa or sunbathing at one of the beachfront hotels in Phu Quoc a day later are incredibly attractive experiences when in Vietnam.

When is the best time to visit Vietnam?

In general, the best time for international tourists to visit Vietnam is from April to June. During this period, the skies are typically clear throughout the country, and the temperature is pleasant (not too hot or humid). Beyond this timeframe, tropical storms and heavy rains are more likely to occur, so careful consideration is needed before planning your trip.

According to the author, even though Vietnam is known for its tropical climate, the northern region can be quite cold during the winter months from November to January. Temperatures below 10°C are not unheard of; so, travellers should bring warm clothing if they plan to visit Vietnam during this time. If Sapa is part of your travel itinerary, the best time to plan your trip is during the spring to admire the blooming flower fields.

 Japanese Bridge in Hoi An, Vietnam. Photo: Aaron Joel Santos

For beach enthusiasts, Central Vietnam is the perfect destination for travellers to experience and explore. Hoi An's ancient town and Hue are at their most beautiful from March to August when the skies are clear, and the warm sea makes the nearby beaches an ideal place for a beach vacation.

Additionally, the author is particularly impressed with the Japanese Bridge. With historical ties to the ancient trading port, the Japanese Bridge is an essential stop for travellers wandering around Hoi An. Walking along winding streets and the shops on both sides, pausing at art galleries or cafes next to grocery stores, and enjoying coconut water in a local shop are experiences not to be missed when visiting Hoi An.

A bit further south, Nha Trang also attracts a large number of beach-loving tourists. The beaches in Nha Trang can be visited almost all year round, but occasionally, heavy rains can occur from October to December.

The best time to visit the capital city Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is considered a year-round destination, but the most pleasant time to visit is from April to June when the temperature is not too high, and there are not too many rainy days.

This is also an excellent time to explore the impressive limestone monolithic islands of Ha Long Bay just before the tropical storms commonly hit from July to September.

Meanwhile, in Ho Chi Minh City, the bustling and lively streets are a must-visit for international travellers. To avoid the monsoon season, it's best to plan your trip from November to May when the temperature hovers around 30°C, and the chances of rain are minimal.

From June to September, Ho Chi Minh City typically becomes humid, but the afternoon showers are quite predictable and usually do not last too long.

Additionally, the rainy season in Vietnam generally spans from May to early November, with peak sporadic heavy rains in June, July, and August.

Another suggestion is to visit Vietnam during the Tet Nguyen Dan, the Vietnamese New Year, which falls around late January or early February. During this time, there are many entertainment activities and captivating festivals in the country.

"Keep in mind that traveling during this time can be challenging as flights and buses are booked well in advance, and many businesses are closed. Nevertheless, Tet Nguyen Dan is still a worthwhile experience for international travellers in Vietnam," author Chris Schalkx notes.

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