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Re-launching the system of public shared bikes in Hue City

TTH.VN - On the morning of January 21, the People’s Committee of Hue City held a ceremony to relaunch the system of public shared bikes in the city central area.

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Provincial and Hue City leaders, as well as those from departments, and locals experiencing riding bikes through the city’s main routes 

The system of public shared bikes in Hue is implemented based on the content of the memorandum of understanding signed between Hue City People’s Committee and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and Vietsoftpro Joint Stock Company. It aims to promote the development of the sustainable urban transportation and smart city.

The pilot opening ceremony was held on June 5, 2022 with 7 stations and over 80 shared bikes. The project is divided into 3 phases, including phase 1 (from June to December 2022) focusing on the pilot implementation of the public smart shared bike routes within the city. It included 7 stations set on the two sides of the Huong River and inside the area of Hue Imperial Citadel.

There were 12.000 bike rentals in phase 1; in June 2022, following its launch, the average daily bike usage was 2.1 times/bike/day. After the maintenance and upgrades, up to now, 7 bike stations have been put back into operation since January 12, 2024. The Vietsoftpro and related units have completed the software, at the same time they have also equipped the 4G lock system and installed the new locking system on the bicycles.

At the relaunching ceremony, 200 public bikes at 7 bike stations were put into operation with the desire that the system of public shared bikes would operate steadily, sustainably, creating a tourism product that emphasizes sport experiences, attractiveness, and promote health and environmental sustainability. The project also aims to spread the movement of riding bikes in the community. Furthermore, there is an effort to widely promote and introduce the system of shared bikes to tourists and locals, contributing to developing green transportation and building Hue as a bicycle city.

To reach the effective implementation of the shared bike system pilot project, the city has set the target of operating about 600 bikes at 20 bike stations by June 2024; from September 2024, the number of shared bicycles put into operation will reach about 1.000 at 30 stations. The city also continues to operate the comprehensive bike system on a large scale.

By Thanh Huong
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