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Tiktokers from Hue promotes tourism of the Ancient Capital

TTH.VN - According to statistics from Tiktok, as of April 23rd, 2023, hashtag #hue reached 1.2 billion views, hashtag #hellohue reached 24.8 million views, hashtag #huecity reached 33.8 million views, etc. Also, an increasing number of videos about tourist attractions and cuisines of Hue City created by domestic and foreign tourists as well as Tiktokers from Hue are appearing on this platform.

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 Ms. Thanh Hien, a Tiktoker, meeting artisan in Thuy Xuan incense village (Hue City)

Building a unique style

With the advantages of short duration, trendy music, and concise information, Tiktok is becoming the world’s leading video sharing social network. According to, 40% of young people use Tiktok or Instagram instead of Google Search and Google Maps when they need to find dining and entertaining establishments.

In line with the contemporary trend, young people in Hue City are developing their interests in Tiktok. Prominent Tiktokers from the Ancient Capital are My beloved Hue cuisines (59.6K followers); Thanh Hien (28.8K followers); Eat up Hue cuisines (328.4K followers); Hue Review (tuanvu75hue, 110.8K followers); Hue OKLM (24.4K followers), Dear Tran! (38.2K followers); Hue Review (reviewhue75, 29.4K followers); Eating with Changchang (16.5K followers); What to eat in Hue (39.6K followers); Minh Mit Ren; Hey Ms. Thao! What to eat in Hue? (data up to April 27, 2023). 

Together with the Vietnamese and international Tiktoker community, Tiktokers from Hue City are helping to preserve and spread the precious traditional cultural values of the Ancient Capital.

Each Tiktoker tries to build a unique style, leaving a mark in the hearts of viewers. To be more specific, Ms. Thanh Hien possesses the image of a gentle girl from Hue with a sweet, warm voice; My beloved Hue cuisines impresses viewers with well-thought-out videos, as well as bright and vivid colors; Eat up Hue cuisines has funny scenes and challenges; tuanvu75hue is funny and friendly… 

 The owner of the Tiktok channel “My beloved Hue cuisines”chating with a street vender selling sticky rice with coconut

Tiktokers have made careful preparation in many aspects to create a quality video series, from ideation, script writing, model selection, costumes, makeup, filming, editing, to linking with other platforms to increase popularity.

Ms. Thanh Hien (tahixi), a Tiktoker, shared that she came to Tiktok because of the joy brought by this platform and the love for home cuisine. Ms. Hien does not place much emphasis on earnings and limits bookings to maintain objectivity for her video reviews.

Coming from Hue is an advantage

The Tiktokers from Hue have a great advantage over those coming from other places or foreign Tiktokers, which is the irreplaceable “territory” position. Their time, knowledge and experience of living in Hue will bring viewers to ‘every nook and cranny’ of the Ancient Capital.

From the beginning of 2022 until now, taking advantage of the strong spread of the platform, Tiktokers from Hue have helped local dishes that are on the “edge of being lost” such as banh duc mat (green plain rice flan), xoi banh day (round sticky rice cake), and Vietnamese steamed rice rolls with pickled shrimp, grow popular with a large number of young people who come to enjoy, support, and bring income to struggling street vendors.

The local accent is a disadvantage, but it is also an advantage. Hue’s voice is hard to hear for Southern and Northern viewers, but it brings a feeling of closeness and cuteness.

“Actually, I have heard many people say this issue before. It will be difficult for outsiders to hear Hue’s accent. I am also heavily influenced by local accent, but I will convert the local dialect words into standard language ones and insert subtitles into the video so that people can understand it better,” shared Ms. Thanh Hien.

When being asked if she should switch to a common voice when making Tiktok videos, Ms. Van, the owner of the Tiktok channel named My beloved Hue cuisine, who is currently living in Korea, replied: “I think the fact that Tiktokers change their voices to build their Channel is because of the audience that they target. I still want to keep Hue accent and my target audience is local people or Hue people living far away from home like me." 

Another fact is that the Tiktok market in the Central Region is not as vibrant and explosive as in the South or the North, due to the reserved nature and fear of standing out in public of people in this region. But the good news is that now Tiktok's algorithm is prioritizing messages with depth, rich, diverse and valuable content to promote local tourism. Since then, Tiktokers from the Central Region have gradually been gaining popularity in the domestic Tiktok market.

“I have been to many places, learned about many cultures, and worked in the field of social marketing for nearly 10 years. Hence, I am very confident about the development of this channel. I will exploit the traditional elements in parallel with the modern ones to create an attractive and novelty for the topic of Hue cuisine. I hope there will be more and more famous and influential Tiktokers from Hue Tiktokers in the near future,” said Ms. Van. 

Story and photos: Thuc Dan
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Hue Tourism is ready to welcome tourists to the Festival

After the information that Hue International Arts Festival Week 2024 going to take place from June 7 to June 12 was announced by the organizing committee, the tourism industry and travel agencies have focused on promoting and introducing it to tourists, and supplementing and building tour programs to create more experiences for guests; all are ready to welcome tourists to Hue during this festival.

Hue Tourism is ready to welcome tourists to the Festival
Promoting and showcasing Hue Tourism at Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Day

At the 20th Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Day event held in 2024 under the theme “20 years of thrilling journey” and accompanied by the program message “Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City” (from April 4th to 7th), the Department of Tourism of Thua Thien Hue Province participated in various promotional and marketing activities.

Promoting and showcasing Hue Tourism at Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Day
Taking advantage of Chatbot to promote Hue cuisine

With the desire that tourists can access information and experience Hue cuisine in a visual manner, at the same time providing support and suggestions according to each tourist’s demand and hobby through artificial intelligence tools, students from the Diplomatic Academy have launched a project called “A Food in Hue” with numerous activities to spread Hue cuisine to domestic and international tourists.

Taking advantage of Chatbot to promote Hue cuisine
Making international visitors “fall in love” with Hue

The international tourist market brings huge revenue to the smokeless industry of the province. If a good impression can be left on tourists, they are more willing to become tourism ambassadors who contribute to promoting the culture, landscape, and people of the land of the Perfume River and Ngu Binh mountain.

Making international visitors “fall in love” with Hue
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