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Tourism businesses in adaptive state

TTH.VN - Businesses are the subject, deploying stimulus packages. Once they are ready and determined, then Hue tourism can adapt well.

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Businesses are the subjects, in charge of creating and building tours to stimulate tourism demand.

Overcome ordeals together

Despite being a relatively young company in the field of tourism, having suffered losses due to the pandemic for the past 2 years, Restour One Member Co., Ltd. joined the recently announced Hue tourism stimulus program in the new adaptive state rather quickly. Along with other participants, Restour actively surveys, discusses, builds tours and makes arrangements to welcome an upcoming famtrip to Hue.

Mr. Tran Xuan Nam, Director of Restour One Member Co., Ltd. shared, that tourism without serving guests is really uncomfortable. Everyone suffers from the pandemic, but it’s not possible to resume business in this challenging time without proper preparation. His company has two options of either waiting or actively looking for new opportunities, and has chosen the latter, knowing that it would be much more challenging than in the past.

Not all businesses are ready. It is a common sentiment at the moment to feel uneasy and worry about the resilience of the tourism industry, since it would be more expensive to “open” and “close” soon after than to remain “closed”.

Mr. Dinh Manh Thang, Chairman of the Provincial Tourism Association, said that despite the challenges, some businesses are very determined to return when requested to help build stimulus packages. Cooperation and determination are needed now, more than ever, so businesses can overcome the current ordeal, together.

The association has completed the plan to welcome the famtrip from Hanoi to survey. From there, connections and cooperation will be made to bring guests to Hue as soon as possible, while complying with the requirements for safe adaptation. Members of the association agreed, and those who didn’t would have to stay aside, as refusals would not be accepted.

The Provincial Tourism Association would chair, coordinate, encourage and mobilize service businesses to participate in the tourism stimulus program with various forms, incentives, promotions, gifts, direct discounts... to form a unified stimulus package.

As declared by the leaders of the tourism industry, businesses play a crucial role during this time, specifying goals and solutions to stimulate tourism demands as set by the industry. Therefore, government officials are in close contact with businesses to achieve the common goal of attracting guests, adapting safety and building procedures for welcoming domestic and international guests in the future.

Hue businesses actively survey to build new adaptive tours

Well prepared to come back

According to Mr. Dinh Manh Thang, in order to make a strong comeback, businesses need continuous support. Therefore, the State needs to create conditions for businesses to have a fast and convenientaccess to the support policies.

It is necessary to, as soon as possible, issue a policy reducing 50% of entrance fees for all organizations and individuals wishing to visit and learn things at historical and cultural sites in 2022; a policy on commission fee for travel agencies who introduce and bring tourists to monuments in the province...

An equally important factor is the support from the government to create a safe tourism environment with vaccination and conditions for smooth adaptation. Various facilities, destinations and infrastructure are currently in need of repair and upgrade.

In addition, it is necessary to support businesses in promoting at fairs, events, and television channels, as well as support in re-training human resources in tourism, etc.,… so as to provide businesses with confidence and belief in recovery.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism informed that the department is cooperating with the Provincial Tourism Association to develop various green, safe, and sustainable, tourism products, as well as a long-term plan to support investment in developing tourism products to meet the diverse changing needs of the market, such as night tourism services, culinary tourism, agritourism, eco-tourism, health tourism, eco-friendly amusement parks, ...

Another solution is to promote cooperation among tourist attractions, tourism-linked regions and tourist localities in order to support and enhance destinations to welcome visitors in the new normal. Businesses are encouraged to improve the efficiency of cooperation in building complementary chains of products and services, particularly, forming an alliance of businesses participating in the stimulus program.

In a meeting with businesses to discuss new adaptation plans, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Binh shared difficulties and gave encouragement when he saw that people were not as active and enthusiastic as before.

According to the Vice Chairman, unlike the previous meetings where things were planned but not implemented, in this adaptation phase, solutions would surely be carried out. Solidarity and cooperation of the entire tourism industry is crucial in this challenging time, as well as adequate preparation and calculation for a strong and effective recovery. The goal of the province is for the process to be quick, but not hurried, so it is necessary to have the best preparation. Provincial leaders pledged to accompany and support businesses to its best, so that they can get confident again.

Story and photos: Quang Sang

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