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Designer Doan Trang honored to win third prize at 2nd International Gold Embroidery and Jewelry Festival 2024

TTH.VN - At the invitation of the Consulate General of the Republic of Uzbekistan to attend the International Gold Embroidery and Jewelry Festival, taking place from May 3 - 5 in Bukhara City, Ms. Nguyen Thi Doan Trang, artisan, designer, and Director of Doan Trang Embroidery and Sewing Trading and Service Co., Ltd. (at 2/56 Bach Dang Street, Gia Hoi Ward, Hue City), was honored to be the Vietnamese representative winning the third prize.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong received a courtesy call from the Canadian Ambassador to VietnamThe impression of Hue through the image of ao dai on Truong Tien Bridge

 Ms. Doan Trang, the designer, at the awarding ceremony

The 2nd International Gold Embroidery and Jewelry Festival in 2024 was held to honor the value of products, promote the diverse traditions in the embroidery and jewelry industry in folk applied arts. The festival was attended by 370 embroidery artists from the host country and 115 artists from 56 other countries, who came to exhibit traditional products, promote culture, exchange experiences, learn about the profession, and purchase and exchange goods, etc.

One of the two Vietnamese representatives was Ms. Doan Trang, the artisan and designer, who brought along the royal costumes, as well as products and works of the ao dai to exchange and learn many new techniques from countries around the world, in order to promote the image of Vietnam's country and people, who are creative and dynamic; contributing to introducing and further promoting the cultural heritage of the nation, and being honored to be highly evaluated by the jury.

 Ms. Doan Trang, the designer and the Hoang Kim collection, with the combination of machine embroidery and traditional hand embroidery techniques, participated in the festival

According to Ms. Doan Trang, the designer, the jury highly evaluated the creativity in her products not only because they are hand-embroidered, but also because the hand embroidery techniques are creatively combined with the machine embroidery ones, applying the essence of national culture onto the designs. For example, when restoring the robes of kings and queens, her company skillfully applied royal patterns to the designs of the modern ao dai through the Hoang Kim collection, as well as other ao dai collections that the company has been designing for many years. This is the result that recognizes their contribution to the Vietnamese embroidery and sewing industry in general and Hue in particular, creating the motivation to continue the efforts to create many outstanding embroidery and sewing collections and products, so as to stand alongside the products in the fashion industry across the world.

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Sketches of Phu Loc captivate viewers

On the afternoon of June 6th , over 150 sketch works depicting the landscapes of Phu Loc were exhibited and introduced to the public at Diem Phung Thi Art Center (part of Hue Fine Arts Museum, 17 Le Loi, Hue City).

Sketches of Phu Loc captivate viewers
Bringing Ao Dai to the catwalk

Graduated from a pedagogy school, then attached to embroidery profession, yet the Director of Doan Trang Embroidery Trading & Service Co. Ltd. has an endless passion for Ao Dai and has been the Ao Dai designer for the last 10 years. She has confirmed her name through fashion shows at home and abroad.

Bringing Ao Dai to the catwalk
Viet Bao & Ao Dai designs imbued with Hue essence

Inspired by folk paintings, royal fine art motifs, and paintings, the designer Viet Bao himself printed and dyed the fabric to design many Ao Dai models bearing Hue's own cultural identity.

Viet Bao  Ao Dai designs imbued with Hue essence
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