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Hue Central Hospital: putting its name on the map of world medicine

TTH.VN - With the goal of constantly improving the quality of healthcare for people, the doctors at Hue Central Hospital have been mastering many complicated technologies in order to cure difficult and dangerous diseases, putting their names on the world map of medicine.

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The doctors of Hue Central Hospital performing intervention with the technique of 3D endoscopy for colon cancer.

Breakthrough in organ transplantation

Since the middle of 2018, Hue Central Hospital has continuously improved its professional level with nearly 10 "trans-Vietnam" heart transplants, creating miracles in the field of organ transplant in Vietnam. They are heart-touching modern-day fairy tales in the whole country.

In which, there were two "trans-Vietnam" cardiac transplants performed by Hue Central Hospital's doctors within 1 month for patient TT. (from Phu Loc district), with end-stage heart failure and patient PVC. (15 years old from Da Nang City) with cardiomyopathy as the remaining time was counted in days. They were all awarded a certificate of merit by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Recently, Hue Central Hospital made those underprivileged patients happy when the doctors there successfully performed the first "trans-Vietnam" liver transplantation in the Central and Highlands regions for patient LKT. (52 years old, Phu Vang district).

The condition of T, the patient, was pitiful. For more than 5 years, Mr. T. had liver tumor, cirrhosis and hepatitis B. Although his family had spent all the money on hiss treatment but his condition did not improve. Mr. T. was only hoping for a "miracle" when he came to Hue Central Hospital for organ transplants.

Fortunately, when he was running out of time, at the end of August, it was reported that a brain-dead patient at 103 Military Hospital (Hanoi) wanted to donate organs. Despite the far geographical distance, after evaluating the compatibility of the donor and the recipient, Hue Central Hospital doctors coordinated in a race against time to perform multi-organ removal surgery from brain-dead donor in Hanoi on the morning of August 31, 2019. The organs were transplanted for Mr. T. and another patient, who were waiting to have a heart transplant on the same day.

Luckily, all the cases were unexpectedly successful. The patient with a heart transplantation soon recovered and then T.'s health returned to normal after a short time.

Dr. Phan Hai Thanh, Deputy Head of Pediatric and Abdominal Surgery Department, Deputy Director of International Treatment Center, Hue Central Hospital, "leader" of the "trans-Vietnam" liver transplantation team shared, that although doctors at the hospital had experience in organ transplants, the challenge in these cases was time.

Due to the "golden time" of the heart or liver, namely, when they were removed from the human body, they could only be preserved for a certain time. If the process of transporting the heart, or the liver went wrong, the donated organs would be useless.

Although the time of transporting organs to Hue was not favorable, doctors of Hue Central Hospital and Military Hospital 103 had "prepared well" all the measures, ensuring that the organ could be transported to the hospital safely, ready to "revive" lives of the two patients.

Also in the field of organ transplants, Hue Central Hospital doctors took the lead compared to domestic hospitals when they boldly implemented routine surgery of kidney transplantation in early 2012. Since then, the hospital had nearly 900 cases; including approximately 40 cases with the second kidney transplant, and almost 100% of the patients were stable after the operation.

According to Dr. Dang Ngoc Tuan Anh, Head of the Department of Organ Transplant / Renal Surgery, International Treatment Center, Hue Central Hospital, up to now, many hospitals have still been afraid of the second kidney transplantation technique, because this is a difficult, complex technique that requires teams of doctors to be careful, considering every step from choosing appropriate organs, intervention treatment algorithms carefully... Otherwise, the risk of kidney transplant rejection would be very high after the surgery finishes.

It is the courage to perform the second kidney transplantation safely and accurately that doctors at Hue Central Hospital have created milestones for the organ transplant field in Vietnam. Currently, the waiting list of second and third kidney transplants at Hue Central Hospital has been quite long, receiving many patients from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and even from abroad.

Prof. Pham Nhu Hiep visiting and wishing the patient's sound health being discharged after the liver transplant

Mastering complex technology

In addition to being at the top of Vietnam's list of leading institutions for organ transplant surgeries, many doctors of Hue Central Hospital have studied, conquered and routinely implemented various modern techniques, reducing the traveling distance and the cost of treatment for people who previously had to go abroad.

Typically, the hospital had developed strongly in the field of 3D endoscopy to detect and treat stomach and colorectal cancers; investing in equipment and in-depth study of stem cell transplantation techniques in the treatment of patients with severe brain injury. The hospital had built a modern bone marrow transplant and radiotherapy unit to treat neuroblastoma according to the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP) management protocol.

In addition, implementing interventions to handle aortic aneurysms in the brain; CO2 laser application in successful surgery for cancer of the throat and larynx in the early stage have given more opportunities for patients with cancers of the nose, throat, head and neck.

Recently, the hospital has applied modern equipment for microsurgery with 3D VTOM microscopic glasses, in order to handle complex pathologies of orthopedic injuries, reducing injuries for patients in accidents ...

Prof. Pham Nhu Hiep, Director of Hue Central Hospital shared that currently the human resources at Hue Central Hospital were capable of undertaking and conquering difficult and complicated medical intervention techniques, this not only helped people get medical examination and treatment at the international level within the country but also contributed to the effort of putting the country’s name on the world medicine map.

Story, photos: Minh Van

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