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The doctor in the foggy land

TTH.VN - After graduating from the two most prestigious universities in the world, Cambridge University and Imperial College London (Royal University) and becoming a doctor, Nguyen Bao Quynh Nga, a girl from Hue is participating in the national training program in UK to become a senior medical specialist in reconstructive and plastic surgery.

That day Runner-up of "The Way to Mount Olympia" at present"It was our love and also responsibility"

In her spare time, Quynh Nga often goes traveling

The representative of Vietnamese intellects

"Nguyen Bao Quynh Nga is a typical example for Vietnamese intellects," it was the remark of Mr. David Wilson, senior advisor of Cambridge Tutors College (CTC), UK, 12 years ago. At that time, Quynh Nga achieved almost absolute points in the subjects at the end of 2 years studying at CTC and was honored to become the first Vietnamese to own a full medical scholarship at Trinity College, one of the 31 schools belonged to Cambridge University.

After graduating with a Bachelor Degree of Science in Pre-Medicine at Trinity College, University of Cambridge, Nga continued to receive a scholarship at Imperial College London, one of the 10 most prestigious universities in the world to graduate with MBBS - Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery.

Two years ago, she excellently surpassed 1,600 candidates across the UK, becoming the top 100 among more than 550 people entering the national training program to become a senior medical specialist in reconstructive and plastic surgery. This is the most competitive training program in the medical field of the “country of fog”.

Currently, Nga participates in the training program as a doctor and lecturer at the St. George's University School of Medicine - a member school of the University of London.

Dr. Quynh Nga in an operation with her colleagues

Being the daughter of a family with a medical tradition in Hue, Nga impressed others with her professional and well-mannered working style. Ms. F. Ali, a specialist in the Department of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery, St George's Hospital, London gave many compliments to Dr. Nguyen Bao Quynh Nga: “Nga is loved by many people for her hard and dedicated work. The way she communicates and explains to patients is very professional”.

And Mr. M. Singh, a senior medical expert in the training program, shared his evaluation of the Vietnamese practitioner from another perspective: “Quynh Nga regularly asks questions to accquire more knowledge and equip herself with specialized skills. The feedback from experts and colleagues is seriously received by Nga and she sees it as an important measure for personal development. This makes me highly appreciate her”.

Always longing for home

"In 2006, at that time, I had just finished grade 10 in Chemistry specialty, Quoc Hoc Hue High School for the Gifted, and received a scholarship from Cambridge Tutors College, London and started to live far away from Hue since then," Nga recalls.

Dr. Quynh Nga with her colleagues

Referring to Nguyen Bao Quynh Nga, Ms. Cao Thi Thien An, Nga’s form teacher at Quoc Hoc High School for the Gifted still remembered her outstanding student: Quynh Nga was an absolutely outstanding student. Nga not only did well in many subjects, having been a brilliant candidate of the Chemistry International Olympic Team of the school, she also showed many other talents such as swimming, playing table tennis, piano, singing ...

“That day, Nga represented the class to take part in many contests, and she always won high prizes. "For many years away from her hometown, but when it comes to November 20 or Tet holiday, Nga would call me with lots of love and caring,", Ms. Thien An's eyes shine with pride when talking about the talented student.

In nearly 15 years away from her hometown, there were just 2 years Quynh Nga returned to Hue to celebrate Tet, but Nga still felt very warm and dear to her when thinking of Tet.

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the schedule of the doctor become quite tight, which is to take advantage of the time to clean and redecorate the house to welcome the New Year. The moment that is most looked for on the Tet Holiday of this Hue girl is the New Year's Eve.

“Being away from my hometown, I have realized that this is a very Vietnamese fine custom, so I always keep it. The moment I choose the formal dress, sit neatly at the table and write my plans and goals for the next year on New Year's Eve, I have a feeling that the spring is overwhelming all over, the distance between Vietnam and the UK no longer exists,” said Nga.

Nguyen Bao Quynh Nga is currently in the 2nd year out of 8 years of the national training program. Quynh Nga said that she would return to Vietnam when the environment allowed her to improve her chosen field or Nga herself would be capable of creating an environment for herself and her colleagues.

However, Quynh Nga also shared that, it was not necessary to return home to make contributions to the country, but in the UK or anywhere, Vietnamese people can always contribute to the development of the homeland if they really long for their home.

"For me, the hometown is home, and if it is my home, wherever I go and whatever I do, I always think of it", the talented female doctor affirmed.

Fighting agaisnt the COVID-19 pandemic in another country

Over the past few days, Dr. Nguyen Bao Quynh Nga and her colleagues in the UK stretched themselves to join the front line of the fight against the pandemic, treating patients having COVID -19.

“I have been advised by many people to take leave to return to Vietnam, but my responsibilities and professional ethics do not allow me to do that. Wearing a blouse, as if there is some strength that helps me overcome everything. I always follow the rules of protection to be as safe as possible when treating for COVID -19 patients,” the talented female doctor from Hue shared.

Story: Hai Thuan – Photos: provided by the interviewee

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