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Doctor for Every Family

TTH.VN - Remote consultation, examination, and treatment with the "Doctor for Every Family" (DFEF) software has created a healthcare network without limitations between different levels. This marks a significant milestone in the digital transformation in the medical field.

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 Online consultation at Phu Vang District Medical Center

Reducing the burden on higher-level centers, elevating lower-level capability

Mr. Tr. T., a 67-year-old resident of Phu Dien (Phu Vang), has diabetes and high blood pressure. During a check-up, the patient's eyesight is blurry, and he has lost a significant amount of weight, experiencing overall fatigue. Mr. A. has a history of hypertension and diabetes (T2D) and has been undergoing treatment for two years. Dr. Le Van Vu, Head of the Phu Dien Commune Health Station, requests a consultation with the Phu Vang District Medical Center through the DFEF software to receive treatment advice.

An online consultation is promptly organized from the "command center" with five health stations: Phu Dien, Phu Ho, Vinh An, Vinh Ha, and Vinh Thanh. The virtual consultation team includes specialized doctors and information technology personnel. Through the system, Level II Specialized Dr. Pham Huu Tai, Head of the Emergency and Intensive Care Department at the Phu Vang District Medical Center, notes, "The symptoms of T2D are clearly evident. With continuous uncontrolled blood sugar levels at 9.5 mmol/l, it is necessary to increase the treatment dosage. After two weeks of observation, we will reassess." Other opinions suggest that when a patient's vision is blurry, complications of T2D should be considered. It is recommended to further examine eye health and check the functions of the liver, kidneys, and heart. Additionally, monitoring weight and providing dietary advice to maintain standardized carbohydrates intake is necessary.

The remote consultation network has become familiar to local health stations. Dr. Le Van Vu from the Phu Dien Commune Health Station explains, "Our station is equipped with machinery, supplies, and equipment ready to operate. When there are suspected cases, we activate the software, seeking support from specialized teams at the district medical center. Phu Dien is prone to accidents and troubles during the rainy season. We encourage handling emergency cases within the community, bringing them to the health station and seeking advice from higher levels through this useful software."

At the Phu Vang District Medical Center, the remote consultation and treatment advice using the DFEF software are located in the Emergency Department. Doctors are available 100% of the week, facilitating support, consultation, and treatment of emergency cases and providing advice to lower-level centers. Currently, more than 12,000 accounts have been created for residents, with over 500 calls for remote consultation, treatment advice, regular meetings, and professional activities between the district medical center and health stations. Dr. Pham Huu Tai shares, "Connecting the center with health stations helps transfer additional knowledge in specialized tasks, better serving emergency care and reducing the overload on higher-level medical centers."

Assessing the deployment process, Level I Specialized Dr. Nguyen Minh Hung, Director of the Phu Vang District Medical Center, shared, "The unit implements remote consultation and treatment advice weekly, regularly, and urgently when needed. Especially during the recent floods, the DFEF software actively supported lower-level centers in handling emergency cases promptly and effectively, with a high level of patient satisfaction."

Benefits for the people, the sector pushing forward digital transformation

DFEF is a remote consultation and treatment initiative founded by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), launched in Thua Thien Hue by the end of 2022. The project donated a server and 30 computers placed in health stations in 8 districts, towns, and cities. The main objective of this initiative is to provide efficient remote healthcare services to people in remote and rural areas, enabling them to receive quick and effective medical examinations, reducing the risk of disease transmission within the community.

As a remote and rural area, the residents of Duong Hoa commune are gradually accessing the DFEF software. Dr. Nguyen Van Thao, Head of the Duong Hoa Commune Health Station (Huong Thuy Town), observes that the remote consultation program is effective, helping handle emergency cases, abnormal symptoms, and Grade 2 anaphylactic shock at the facility. "Some hamlets in Duong Hoa are difficult to access during the rainy season due to stream gaps. The station collaborates with volunteers, local authorities, departments, and community organizations to guide the registration of remote consultation accounts for emergency situations. People can also pre-register for remote consultation with the station," explained Dr. Thao.

To date, the province has issued accounts to 750 medical personnel, 170 healthcare facilities have joined the DFEF software, and 122 medical professionals have participated in remote consultation and treatment advice. Nearly 206,000 (205,927) accounts for residents have been created. Nearly 3,000 remote consultation and treatment advice calls, regular meetings, and 110 professional seminars have taken place through this system. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Kiem Hao, Director of Hue Department of Medicine, believes, "Digital transformation and the application of information technology in healthcare management are central tasks of the healthcare sector. DFEF provides stronger support for the sector's digital transformation, serving smart medical activities, intelligent health care and management. People, health stations, and medical centers all benefit. Conversely, doctors at higher levels also interact, exchange, and support each other in healthcare. This is an inevitable trend in the era of Healthcare 4.0."

According to the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Nguyen Van Phuong, remote consultation and treatment advice help localities promptly complete the roadmap for digital transformation in the healthcare sector, as outlined by the Government's National Digital Transformation Program by 2025 and the orientation towards 2030, especially within the province. This contributes to the successful implementation of Resolution No. 54-NQ/TW of December 10, 2019, by the Politburo on building and developing Thua Thien Hue province until 2030.

Mr. Nguyen Truong Nam, Deputy Director of the National Health Information Center, shared, "Remote consultation and treatment advice is one of the two key platforms of the Ministry of Health, helping remote and rural areas connect with higher-level medical centers for treatment and consultation. People can access quality healthcare services from higher-level medical centers at local healthcare facilities, saving travel time and ensuring privacy. The sector is reviewing and proposing that certain diseases in remote consultation and treatment advice be included in medical insurance payments."

Story and photo: LINH TUE
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